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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Us x 200

And one in front of the house, for posterity and all.

The yearly saga of a Christmas pictures has begun.

Times ten.

Because, add to Christmas pictures:

  • the fact that my mother begs for an updated family picture every time we visit (the last one was when Andrew was a baby.)

  • My own wall testifies that I have only two children, not three (how awful is that coming from a girl who takes pictures EVERY DAY?!)

So-the pressure was on.

But wait! I DESPISE (as does Matt) going to get photos "done" because the timing is never right, children are inevitably cranky, and the only ones we could afford are Walmart brand and frankly: those have only ever STUNK of our family.

So-got me a handy dandy remote and "figured I could do SOMETHING".



over 200 pictures. 4 different "locations". And not a one that I am proud of.

You see, anyone with half a brain would realize that a baby doesn't look at a camera if no one is trying to GET her to look. So the only time she ever did was when I was BY the camera--and by default, not IN the picture. (So much for a family picture then...) But, sometimes half of my brain is on hiatus and that thought didn't occur to me.... Until 300 pictures later. After all was said and done I cursed the camera, cursed the remote and cursed the notion of ever trying to take a family picture in the first place. Then laughed as every. single. picture had someone yawning/staring off into space/a head turned/etc. then I cried. (not really-but almost.)

It is sorta funny. In Picasa if you go through the pictures as fast as you can it looks like a movie. really funny stuff. So I made a slideshow, but it doesn't have the same effect since it won't switch pictures fast enough. Oh well.

Remind me next year to fork over the cash, would you please?!?


Bonnie said...

Ha! I like the slide show! It doesn't look like a movie, as you said it wouldn't, but its still entertaining! Seeing what everyone was doing- or not doing.
And just so you know, even when I'm by the camera, my littlest monkey won't look at it....
I finally quit taking pictures Sunday, 'cuz I was getting to be the grouchy Mama, and since B. would rather be dragged over the pavement on his eyeballs (to use my friend Jinka's quote) than have his picture taken, I probably won't get a family shot :0(
BTW, that family picture I sent you? THAT was done professionally (for the church diectory), by a well known company (at least in our state), and I still don't think it was that great.

Anonymous said...

That was the most hysterically funny thing I have seen in a long time!! Priceless!! Years from now, that is going to be such a fun memory for you!! And, I think we all know the feeling of wanting to get "just one".


Unknown said...

*choke, sputter, cough* LOL!!!! HAHAHA! You are too cute! Don't worry...this is EXACTLY HOW my 250 "Christmas" photos look too...and I even had my BIL taking them! BA HUM BUG!!!!! :-( I am still chuckling how your little guy has like a different face in EVERY picture...you should SEE my Noah...it is HILARIOUS!!! Exactly the same thing! :P

Great post...sorry, that you don't like any of the pics! Unfortunately, we all *ahem* know your problem with being a bit critical about yourself! You look beautiful! Sheesh, I'd give anything to look that great and your family is soooo sweet!

Ps-my wall also says I have 3 children and the last time I checked I have 4 and only 2,456 photos of my NEWEST on the good 'ole comp! :P

Karen said...

Great Pictures

Riahli said...

Oh I love this post. We have this drama every year. Getting all the kids to look at the camera and smile, ha! I always have to pick the best of the worse. Actually it's starting to be kind of fun...last year I just went with the silliest. I don't know about you but I am just flat out exhausted by the time we are done with Christmas pictures!

Your family is adorable, love the outfits.

Peggy said...

OH this is so great! I know exactly what you mean!! Trust me I stay in pertual trouble because we have quit getting family photos done! :) It got to the point at Walmart that they told us we had to pick a picture, that our time was up.. lol You could almost see the smoke billowing from certain members of our family... It really was too funny (ok, not then but I sure find it hilarious now... yeah yeah yeah warped sense of humor here. grin... )

But I must say I love, love, love your pictures! They are so precious! Aren't children grand!!! :)

Take care.... I'll catch up with you soon... as the packing drama calms down! :) (I sure wish we lived closer cause you should see all the "stuff" I have to give away!)

Full of Grace said...

I think you are too hard on yourself- I saw some pictures that would have made good cards, HOWEVER I can see why you took so many as I am critical as well (The slide-show was awesome, it reminded me of the old-fashioned moving pictures shows! Have you ever seen them? If you haven't, you should sometime they are just like this!) :) I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! :)

nytesong said...

I adore the outtakes! We've never met but for some reason watching the outtakes make me feel like I *knew* (almost) your family. Of course i don't but I think it's seeing the wide range of expressions and poses.

You all are so blessed to have one another. =)

Jerelene said...

Hi Rebecca!
I love your pictures..and your matching outfits...the slide show is fun to watch too!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)
Love, Jerelene

Andie said...

What fun...thanks for the giggles, but I can also understand your frustration! One idea for you...invite your sis and her family over for an afternoon of fun and photos! You take her family's photos, and then she can take your family's pics. Adele will look at the camera because her beloved aunt (and maybe a cousin) will be behind/next to the camera! Then you save on the photographer, get some great family photos, and also have a great time with your sis and her family! (this would work with any friend...just using Elizabeth as an example!) A bunch of my friends go out two families at a time to the state park near here and do each other's pics. I need to get a partner and do this! ;o)