What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, July 26, 2010

Up to Date

Life has been so busy HAPPENING, that I am horribly behind at recording it. WEEKS behind, as a matter of fact. So far behind it would be almost too easy to just NOT catch up and just quit blogging altogether.

That would be the easiest thing to do. And maybe the best thing to do. But it is probably the LAST thing I ever WOULD do. :-)

Instead, here is a five minute run-down to get things semi-caught up.

We visited a traveling Opa, our own.

Matt and I went to the movies all alone....and realized that Monday-Thursday ticket prices are el cheapo so we splurged (and lost all savings) by buying outrageously priced popcorn. We also snuck in candy, like true rebels.

We turned our dining room into a Museum and invited guests.

We went to the fair (Matt too!!) Even though it doesn't allow entries into competitions (no chances for ribbons for me. ho-hum) and barricades you from any live animals and even though pregnant women are not allowed on rides (sniff, sniff, HONK) we SOMEHOW managed to have fun. ;-)

We went to a pool.

The cows got out and decided to hitchhike on the main road. A tractor-trailer truck nearly taught them the dangers of hitchhiking.

Our much-loved, well-used and too expensive to replace Radioflyer wagon was stolen. Right from our yard. (weep, weep, wail) STOLEN. (Who woulda thunk? That sorta thing is supposed to happen in CITIES. or so I thought.)

Andrew and Papa built a pig fence. I wonder why?!?

I picked up my never-ending afghan project again. It's a slow-goer, and since I am an instant gratification kinda-gal, I don't give it its' due. Poor Mattie. The project that is just exclusively for him is taking me YEARS to finish.

For reasons too sad to talk about, we had to say goodbye to our much loved dog, Dutchess. It was terribly heart-breaking and we have been lonely ever since. She's left a big, gaping void on our hearts and homestead.

Our tomato plants outgrew ME.

We harvested from the garden for the first time last week, and have harvested DAILY since. Farmer Boy (Andrew) goes out every morning first thing. My, he's passionate.

Homegrown flowers (and weeds) are now constantly gracing the table.

I am now seeing the midwife weekly. Not too long now...

The laundry line is constantly full.

The fans are constantly on at night.

Flies have invaded.

I outgrew my maternity shorts; they now officially HURT to sit in. :-(

I had to mop UNDER THE FRIDGE when an entire glass pitcher of lemonade spilled all over the kitchen floor. That was fun.

We had an impromptu huckleberry (small, wild blueberries) picking session at Matt's parents' house in which we picked not nearly enough, but loved every minute of it. (We meaning ME.)

The children all got 24 hour fever bugs-on different days.

Matt left me for a week last week and my DEAR friend drove four hours to stay with me. She was a perfect diversion. I had so much fun that, as is usually the case when real life fun is happening, I didn't pick up the camera but once or twice. A measly few photos to show for such a splendid time.

She made a shield with Andrew. She helped Corynn sew a skirt for PiePie. She held and hugged on Miss Addie Mae. She even brought stories to read about knights and castles, perfectly fitting. And OH, she was purely medicinal to me.

She and I stayed up late. Gabbed for a week straight. Sipped lemonade and tea on the patio in the middle of the day. We laughed. We cried. We created. She helped create a pattern for a knit baby cocoon that I have been PINING over making for months now and then I knit one! I KNIT ONE!!! (And it won't be the last. You can trust me on that.) She helped me hang laundry and did almost ALL my dishes for me. Crazy, stubborn, wonderful gal.

She came bearing gifts, all handmade-all amazing and left one gift more before she left. She gave me back my motivation for creating, an area where I have been treading water for months now. Grand plans but no motivation to make those plans reality. Ahhh-but no longer. My stifled fingers are itching now and will, I have a feeling, be making up for lost time.

This comes at a most opportune time, since my Mattie has left me again THIS week. (His employers must hate me or something.) Lots of chick flicks while folding laundry, lots of catch-up blogging, and lots of crafting to keep me occupied after the childer are in bed on these long, lonely nights.

A lot sure can happen in two weeks' time.


Father's Grace Ministries said...

What a lot has happened for you in 2 weeks!!

Sorry to hear about having to give your dog away, and the theft of the radio-flyer,

Hope that the joy from the good things took the sting away from the bad.


Bonnie said...

It sounds like a busy 2 weeks, but what the heck kinda fair is that? they barricade you? From the animals? No entries? I am glad you had fun, but being the fair officianado that I am, I think I would have cried. (and B keeps telling me that he thinks the baby will be early. I think he's just trying to get my hackles up).
Have fun chick flicking this week, I haven't done that in a coons age, so mention any good ones (and if you need suggestions, While You Were Sleeping, Return To Me, and The Egg and I are good).
P.S. My weeklies start next week, and its Gabriel or Jeremiah.

Marlene Bibby said...

How fun to catch up with your friend and spend so much quality/quantity time. It makes me want to visit your momma!!!!

Anonymous said...


Full of Grace said...

You've been missed.