What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, December 11, 2017


I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy behind on blogging.  So I am setting aside this week to blog every single day.  Maybe by the end, I'll be caught up?

I doubt it.  But, here's to trying!  

For today- a bit of slapdash.

~ Hunting season....  Two tags.  Four hunters.  Lots of orange.  No deer.

~ Andrew found some scrap leather from Matt's leather working days.  He decided to make mocassins.  He got as far as making the patterns...we'll see if he continues until the end.  (He is using this book to guide him.)  And look!  More ORANGE! (how exciting.)

~ I took it upon myself to organize ONE of our book spaces.  This is the adult/teen/classics book space.  I'd be lying if I said it held ALL of our adult/teen books because we have piles in plenty of other places too.  Organizing books is a big job.  And a VERY hard one for me because choosing what good books to keep and which good ones to pass along is very hard for me.  But one only has SO MUCH space in a house.  And it is very satisfying when it is done.

And besides- the cobwebs hanging out in the high places were a SERIOUS problem.

~ One of the perks of a girl with a broken arm is that we get visits from Uncles!  Both Uncle Jonathan AND Uncle Bob came to visit.  Lucky us!  Uncle Jonathan came with lots of stories of growing up- which had everyone bursting at the seams.  He's got some good storytelling skillz.

~ Ruby had another litter of pups.  Eight little beauties this time.

~ Adele' isn't the only one benefiting from Uncle Love.  Uncle Bob came and picked up my rabbit-loving boy and took him to get a few free rabbits from a rabbit farm on Saturday.  Andrew has dreams of having a rabbit business... for meat, for selling and for tanning furs.  He had two rabbits before and now he has SIX.  I told him it won't be long before he has MANY, MANY more.  (Been there, done that.)  

He's pretty excited though.

~ blueberry scones.  Enough said.

~ Ineke has discovered the dollhouse and all the treasures within.  Little girls and dollhouses- sweetness I've seen before.

~ Matt wore a hat I made for him the other day and I realized it was the very first hat I had ever made...even before I had a ravelry account to document said projects.  So I told him I needed to take a picture of it to put on  my projects page.

Really, I just wanted to get a picture of this handsome fellow.  Sneaky wifey.

But seriously, can you blame me?!?!

I didn't think so.

~ Ineke loves to write and it is so strange to me that a baby under two can do such a good job holding a pencil.  She is most known for her teeny tiny circles, over and over and over again. (Brother did the train tracks.)

I find her signature circles in books all the time.  😒😒

~ Most recent project:  Operation Christmas Card

~ But many hands make light work.

~ An outtake from the Christmas card photo shoot which I think is pretty awesome, all by itself.

PS.  Pertaining to Christmas card photos:
1) It took less than 10 minutes straight from the van after church on Sunday.  (It doesn't have to be elaborate.)
2) This was the first year I didn't procrastine until mid-December.  It was still cold out, but this is pre-broken arm for Adele.  (So you don't think I let her jump haybales with a broken arm.)
3) I have no idea what Matt is doing...maybe channeling  GQ model with a walking stick?
4) I know exactly what Judah is doing.  That is 100% Judah right there.

~ Ineke in the little black hat I made for her.  (Using the fabric you gave me, Rebecca!  Thank you!)

It's a little bit ridiculous (the point is VERY pointy and quite a bit higher than I intended) but she is still small enough to make it adorable.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sweet Relief

Surgery is over and Adele' is doing just fine.  Her Uncle John (Matt's twin) was the nurse anesthetist for her surgery so he wheeled her down to surgery on her bed extra fast for the thrill of it.  It was nice for her to have a familiar face making it seem a bit more like a family gathering than surgery prep.

We got home late last night and were able to get a good nights rest. The pain meds are pretty much awesome.  Brothers and sisters are trying not to be jealous of all the extra treats and attention broken bones can bring, including (but certainly not limited to...) sleeping in a nest of pillows on a full size bed in the Spare Oom all by herself.  Adele' has been asking for people to sign her cast- and then writing herself little messages on it too.  A dress that fits around a cast and sling. 

For all of these mercies, I praise God. 

Thank you to all who have been praying and leaving little love notes for us.  It meant the world to us.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Prayers for Bunkin

It turns out, when Adele' does something, she does it with gumption.  So- when she fell off her bed with arm tangled in beam on the night of her birthday- she didn't just break an arm.  She broke several bones in her arm.  And, it turns out, after a midnight ride to the hospital, another trip a few hours later to a specialist and many twists and turns (very bad choice of words but too tired to change them) along the way that said breaks are those that are serious enough to warrant not just a set and cast but an actual surgery requiring anesthesia.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow evening and so, despite the single. solitary hour sleep pre-accident and the single hour of fitful sleep I got this morning after returning to the hospital, we have another fitful night ahead of us.  I have spent the day holding things together with a brave and courageous smile with my girl and then bawled (and screamed) in Mama meltdown mode out in bathrooms and parking lots.  It is a terrible thing to watch your child in a pain that you can not take away.

My  mind has wandered and prayed over the many parents suffering those feelings in even more devastating ways today.

I am weary.  I have very little brain power left, my eyes linger shut after every word and my fingers type through water so I will leave it at this.  Modern medicine is a great and wonderful thing; I am grateful for this good gift that can help my girl find comfort in her pain but I admit, anesthesia is a fearful thing for me, particularly with the children of my heart.

The Lord wills and decrees all things and His providence is one that is good and right and I rest in this.  I know this.  I trust this.  He knits together bones and strengthens sinews, He is the Master Physician.   Would you pray for us, though, as we trust in His good, hard providence tomorrow?  For my girl and that fragileness of health that surgery so clearly reminds us of?  For her surgery and her anesthesia, that is be successful?  For myself, that I bring God the glory as much in the sickness as in the health...in the waiting as in the result, in the trials as well as the triumphs, in the waiting and in the angst?

I'd be so grateful for them.  xoxo

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Eyes Wide Open

~ frosty flowers, dusted in crystals

~ making (and yes, eating) florescent marbled leaves

~ Rabbit Breeders of America hats made for old folks and discarded at the salvation army just exactly for MY boy.  

~ 11 year olds who wear said hats with pride.

~ the spills and scatters of an almost two year old

~ the many helping hands that help me clean up said messes

~ vibrant (and delicious) french bread pizza

~ crafty happenings in the Spare Oom,  glorious disasters everywhere!  

~ fresh and warm pretzels

~ honey mustard, heavy on the honey

~ the girl who loves chickens.  This summer, if she tottered outside when the door was open (when was it closed?!?) I knew it was probably to go see the chickens.  She is already missing those trips to 'her chicken stairs'.

~ My three Rosie the Riveters, me still my heart.

~ A week of feasting and birthdays and family and friends.

~ hand me down quilted black fabric and fur balls boughten for pennies after Christmas last year.  (I believe they were called 'vase fillers'?!?!?  Who would fill a vase with furballs, I wonder? )  A warm little hat for a dear girl that looks slightly ridiculous on.  But babies look even cuter in slightly ridiculous things.

 ~ notes from a girl who is old enough to understand and compassionate enough to take action when she overhears a Mama sigh to herself at the end of a looooooong day of doing and mutter "Did I accomplish ANYTHING I wanted to get done today at all?  I don't think I did..."

that girls' heart

This life is wildly full and wonderfully hard and simply sweet.  It is crazy good.

I love Thanksgiving because this is the holiday that can't get justified out in glitz or Christmas lights or Easter egg hunts or crazy costumes or reindeer or jolly old elves.  A turkey is a turkey and a feast is a feast but everyone who ever proclaimed GRATITUDE is proclaiming God as creator, maybe even without them knowing it.

No one can be grateful to anything or anyone if life is just one big cosmic accident: time and chance acting on matter over the course of billions of years. Random.  Chaos.  We are all just matter in motion.  When they say "I'm thankful for..."  you just can't be thankful for random chaos, time and chance.  Anyone sitting down at a feast and feeling grateful or having a moment of sheer delight in the world and feeling content...anyone with thankfulness beginning to creep up and out this week...is acting like a CHRISTIAN.  They are declaring the glory of the Lord, just like the heavens and the sea, and marveling at His goodness.

For that and many, many more wonderful and blessed ironies, I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you folks who have stuck by my long-winded and photo-heavy rants, even as they have been coming fewer and further between lately.   

I am grateful for this space, for the listening and encouraging ones that come out from behind the screen and the people who help me to really see.  

Monday, November 06, 2017

Eyes to See


~ hilarious signs on the boys' room
~ last bouquets from the garden
~ those precious five minutes that a cleaned up living room stays cleaned up
~ gingerbread scents that come from the oven, not just candles
~ a yearly trip to the pumpkin farm with my sister, snuck in by the skin of our teeth
~ pilgrim babies
~ cousins, with arms entangled, refusing to let go of each other
~ impossibly big kids against the same growth chart sign that used to tower over them
~ little ones tucked into the big
~ warm food, plentiful and good
~ a boy in a rabbit breeders of America hat- and feeling totally confident about it
~ silhouettes in sunsets
~ frost on the pumpkins
~ paper.  Tons and tons of paper.  Sketches, drawings, math work, to-do lists.  Paper, paper everywhere- drowning in it.  And then the thought of Lewis and Tolkien sharing receipts to further their craft. 
~books, books.  Tons of books!  Fiction, non-fiction, worn and smelly, new and crisp, borrowed and owned.  And then the thought of Abe Lincoln walking those miles to borrow just any book he could find.
~ weekly Lord's supper.  Because, kisses never get old.

Having eyes to see the bounty