What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mulititude Monday, Ruby edition

After a week of being away, I was ready to see my husband again. I was tired of staying up until all hours of the night, and feeling afraid that I would be murdered in my bed as soon as the lights turned out.

It was Thursday night and the week was NEARLY over. I was talking to Matt on the phone and he sounded as exhausted as I felt. After a while, he said "Well, I am fading fast. I better get myself to a hotel. I just can't decide if I ought to get on the other side of Boston before I stop." Boston....too far away from me, but at least he was on his way home.

We hung up the phone and I got to work in my craft room making some Judah outfits out of Mattie sweaters (you'll see...) It was quiet, it was dark, and my eyes were dry. A week worth of being a nightowl was catching up on me, so around midnight I forced myself to hit the sack so I wouldn't crash and burn when Matt finally *DID* get home. I took off my clothes, took out my contacts and turned off the last light in the house. And as usual, the moment the light shut off-I started thinking about murderers, rapists and thieves. I laid down in bed, praying for one more nights safety (for Matt and I both) when all of the sudden I heard a creak.

Could it be? Yes, it was definitely a soft, slow creak coming from the front door. My brain told me it was probably just my overactive imagination, but my heart started pounding just the same.

Then, quiet footprints. Was one of the children going to the bathroom? I listened harder-no. Those were workboots. Big ones, though they were trying to be quiet....

My heart was now thumping wildly. I was blind as a bat, naked as a jaybird, I don't OWN a baseball bat, and the gun was downstairs where the footprints were. I tiptoed down the stairs in my bathrobe, not sure what to do other than to politely ask the mass murderer to leave, praying it was all just my imagination. The bathroom light was on. Had I left it on?

But there was a man's figure in the doorway.

Since you are reading this now, you must know that I did not die that night, nor my family. Matt had LIED to me (and the man is too good a liar for his own good-or mine) and had driven straight through, from Maine to Pennsylvania, over 10 hours.

My worst nightmare turned into a dream come true, because when I went to bed that night, it wasn't empty and lonely and cold.

There is MUCH to be thankful for this week.

  • not being murdered in my bed
  • the family surviving another week, not whole
  • a 20 hour car trip, safely overwith
  • a most wonderful, kind, encouraging comment from my mom, just out the blue
  • a fresh haircut for a Newman waif
  • a freezer full of chicken
  • 5 bushels of apples for storing-at a super duper price
  • too many books, what a wonderful problem to have
  • getting to the last blue skein in the afghan
  • a new PUPPY, free for the taking, named RUBY
  • said puppy, who keeps you company while doing chores-no leash required.
  • roasted vegetables
  • a handed down stairstepper, that is hideous to look at but really, really helpful
  • a bushel of potatoes, given (along with the puppy)
  • a girl who sings gibberish during church, but who sings heartfelt just the same
  • a stretch of warm days
  • a new batch of bunnies
  • belting out tunes while you work
  • eyes opened to my own weaknesses; it is painful, oh yes, but necessary if I want to become better

#671- #689 reasons why I can be thankful even BEFORE Thanksgiving.

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Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Your imagination seems to work overtime, just like mine does.
I am so glad your Mattie surprised you; but, oh, my heart would have near stopped at the sound of footsteps.

Your puppy is adorable!

...they call me mommy... said...

Cute puppy!!!! You sleep nekked? :P ;) I just couldn't do it! I don't like my skin sticking together! It drives me batty! :D HAHA!

Glad your man is home!!


Kaylee Hicks said...

Wonderful story about your wonderful husband surprising you. Isn't it such a blessing to have a man of God who cares so very much for you? I know I'm extremely thankful for mine! Blessings on your home.

ulli said...

Hi Rebecca, I love your bullet lists so I'm responding in kind, and I hope you don't mind.
* So happy Matt came home early and surprised you.
* Don't be afraid when alone at night. The Lord is watching over you and yours.
* PUPPY!! Ruby is so adorable. Have fun with her. Consider a few training classes and take the two older kiddos along. It will be invaluable as Ruby grows that you and the kids can handle her. (or look online or get books from the library)

Anna said...

I love your thankfuls... and I'm glad you were safe. :)

Rebecca said...

ulli~ I *LOVED* your bullet comment! Thank you!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

What a sweet little puppy

MamaAnt said...

Ruby is pretty!
Glad you are safe and sound and not lonely anymore!

Michelle said...

Matt is a complete (although loving) stinkpot! I am right there with you about not liking my husband being gone at night. I hear everything, even made up things. I certainly can't go to sleep before midnight, either, and then I completely hide under the covers, like that will help if anyone breaks in, haha!

Thankfully, after the first week, I can start sleeping at a more reasonable time! The kids get a mom like the walking dead, though, which probably isn't the greatest...

Glad your family is back together again. :)

Terri said...

That was a nice surprise, but he's fortunate you didn't club him with something!!! lol

Ruby is beautiful!

Nanci said...

Quite a scare! Ruby will be there to protect you next time. ;-) She's a real cutie!!

MameyJane said...

Girl, I would have STROKED! The sweetness of it outweighs the terror, though :). My husband is gone a lot these days, as well. I pass the time by crafting, reading, and spending way too much time on the net. I'm glad I have something like your blog to read and keep me company...plus three little busy-bodies :). Congrats on the beautiful pupster!

Loni said...

Ohhhh . . . it's a good thing you could not get at a gun or baseball bat! I would have been just as frightened!

CUTE puppy!

Joining you in gratitude!

Full of Grace said...

Ah, so this is Ruby! I'm glad I got to see her :) She is so sweet looking and definately looks like the border collie she is!!! :)

www.fingerprintsfromhishand.webs.com said...

I was right there with you as you told the story about Matt. Ugh! My heart was racing even though I wasn't even there! I remember those days - feeling those same feelings when my hubby was gone. I don't deal with that much anymore; I don't have a clue why, but I'm so glad! I do stay up too late though, when he's gone. So glad you're okay!


Tracy said...

My very own man has pulled some of those surprises on me. They make for very sweet endings!

Ruby is adorable. I'm with Ulli- make sure you get some training classes, with the children present. They must be head over heals about her already!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad he is home for you. But I am not glad for me. That means I have to wait longer for Part 2 of you Q & A post about homeschooling and church life!!! Just kidding. I can be patient....sometimes :o) Enjoy your hubby while he is here!!


Leah said...

Oh Rebecca, John did the same thing to me once after one of his out-of-town trips! I know EXACTLY what you felt. I didn't know whether to kiss him because it was HIM and he was HOME or to hit him over the head for freaking me out so bad!!!
My imagination too gets the better of me every time John is out of town. You'd think I'd be over that by now.
Glad he's home safe : )

Marlene Bibby said...

That puppy is so totally cute. I hope I can have lots of restraint when Mollie goes bye-bye, if that ever happens. She will be 16 on Friday!

Todd said...

Awwww cute puppy