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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who Needs an Air Conditioner, Anyway?

Today it is in the 90's and the humidity is a ridiculous 98%.  And very unlike many of our contemporaries in these here United States~ we have no air conditioner in our house.  Actually, the one in our van broke shortly after we got it almost six years ago, so we don't have one there either.

Today I am hot, sticky, sweaty, grumpy and lethargic.  In very much the same state as many of our summer days.

So I thought as I was dripping with sweat- well, what are some of the GOOD things about not having an air conditioner?  
Think ye on these things, Rebecca.

So I wracked my brain for some reasons why having no air-conditioner is not the end of the world.

But I couldn't come up with anything.

I licked a bead of sweat on my upper lip.  Mmm...salty.

Of course- the savings off of the electrical bill must count for something!  Having never had an air-conditioner, I have no idea how much savings that actually ends up being but I am going to pretend it is a VERY substantial sum.

But surely there must be something else-

It took a few days for me to finally think of another (any other!) reason why it ain't all bad, sweating out the summer and here is what I came up with:

Top 5 Reasons You Too Can Be Cool Without An Air-Conditioner

#5  I save a VERY SUBSTANTIAL sum of money on my electric bill.  Like, A LOT.  ;-)

#4 It is just as hot inside as it is outside- so everyone plays and works outside cheerfully (where there is wind!) which means I don't have to kick children outside to play.

#3 Yogurt incubating on the counter becomes so thick a jar can be held upside down without yogurt tumbling out.  (Fact.)

#2 You don't need to pay to enjoy the sauna!  Besides, a-hem, I might be a few pounds lighter just from sweating alone!  (Tell me that isn't a perk!)

And the number 1 reason not having an air-conditioner can be a good thing...

#1 The children can take their baths outside.  Swimming TOTALLY counts.


Full of Grace said...

I can agree..Our van air conditioner isn't working now either..We do have one room that I finally broke down and set up the airconditioner/dehumidifier I had sitting in the basement so we congregate in the family room when it's super hot (like today) but baths in the pool, great point ;) And I am sure your electicity bill is significantly lower than mine!

beth said...

such fun and happiness captured in those pictures!!!

and no doubt you're saving hundreds by not having a/c cranking - do you sleep okay at night without it? for my family, that's the toughest part of the times when we attempt, for money-saving purposes, to keep the a/c off.

rebecca said...

I live in the dry desert (Utah). Do swamp coolers work there? I thought no because the humidity is high, but my sister says her nursery runs a swamp cooler and it helps. If the concept is new, it's misting water behind the fan.

Tracy said...

We didn't have air until the house we are in now, and we are MUCH further south than you. My van air doesn't work either.

Reformation Acres said...

THANK YOU! You have convinced me that I can take the savings from all these air-less years and invest (kind of since it somehow depreciates the value of your home) in an in-ground swimming pool, thereby recreating my childhood. My that would feel might fine after a sweaty day in the garden.

No worries, we were 90 two days ago then freezing yesterday. By dinnertime it was like 65 & windy. I wanted to put on a sweater, but fought the temptation. Imagine that's heading your way for today along with all the worries over late blight that it will bring.

mapleleafmom said...

#4 is totally true.....i can longer get my kids outside in the virginia heat....

Kathryn Bowden said...

The savings really is substantial. We used a window a/c unit briefly a few years back during a really brutal heatwave (apt in the attic of an old house too close to the heat-island city). The difference in our electic bill for just a FEW DAYS of one-room usage was insane...and according to our utility co, the prior tenant had paid *thousands* more per year on heat and electric (they did an audit because the couldn't believe our low usage was legit). So that #5 is a hefty #1!