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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The 2014 Canning Tally and A Clean Slate

The canning season has begun!  Despite trying to can a bit each day, I am still woefully behind.  The porch has a permanent fixture of squash and cukes outside the kitchen door...I finally get them done just in time to head to the garden for a new picking.  It's a happy conundrum to be in, I must say.  
The weather has been perfect for canning this past week...warm but not so warm you don't mind heating up the kitchen a bit. Rainy and cool- just right for keeping a summer-wandering Mama at home and being productive.  My flower circle is looking sad and droopy these days though, the rain knocking the Outhouse Bush into humble and languid submission.  Poor things. 
Seems like now would be a good time to begin the new Canning Tally for the year (over in my sidebar) and as is customary, I'll post last years' here for posterity.
A clean slate!!!

The 2014 "Put 'Em Up List"

~Canned~("jars" unspecified means I used a variety of sizes)

Green Beans- 34 qts
Zuke "Pineapple" Tidbits- 17 pts
* Beef Broth- 7 qts
* Dill Spears- 21 qts
* Zucchini Relish- 21 jars
* Peaches- 12 qts
* Volcano Pickles- 10 qts
* Vanilla Peach Preserves (no pectin)-10 jars
* Bread & Butter Pickles- 21 pts
* Whole Tomatoes- 94 qts
* Dill pickles- 14 qts.
* Spaghetti Sauce- 32 qts
Pizza Sauce-14 pts
Spicy Salsa- 18 pts
Pickled Beets- 15 qts
Beets- 18 qts

* Huckle/Blueberries, 23 lbs

* Zucchini (shredded)- 43 cups
Butter- so much
* Mozzerella- so much
* Chicken Legs - 25 lbs (.49 a pound)


~ Other ~
Maple Syrup- 2.5 gallons
Vanilla extract- 2 quarts
orange extract- 1 quart
Garlic- 55 heads
Batches of Soap- 2 (more than that due to the anniversary party favors.)


Unknown said...

Gracious! You have been very busy! Lol. I see you have many helpers; ). Blessed! Christina

Terri said...

I wish my garden was productive this year. I'm ready to give up! Everything looks wonderful, Rebecca!

Catie said...

I love the dress Adele is wearing! So sweet!

And that pizza looks AMAZING!

How's your preg going?

oneme said...

Just wondering if bloggers only answer bloggers as I have received very little response from some of the bloggers I have asked ?'s of ???? If I don't get an answer I guess I guess my guess was right eh?

Rebecca said...

Christina- they are BIG helpers. (Some more than others...mind you, but anything even the littlest hands accomplish is one less thing I have to do myself so I won't complain!)

Terri- if you saw my tomatoes, I think you wouldn't be so impressed. ;-)

Catie- so far, so good! Thanks for asking! Anxiously awaiting the day Matt can feel Tiddle, too!

Oneme- I don't know about the other blogs you are referring to but I know that I am pretty much a failure when it comes to returning comments no matter who is doing to commenting. I love reading them. (Sometimes, over and over...) But commenting back is often just that much more time at the computer and I already spend TOO MUCH TIME behind it. I do try very hard to answer any questions that are directed my way-it may not happen the same day the question is made but I try to answer questions on a post before I put a new post up if at all possible. (I did answer your question a few posts down...) So- it isn't YOU, I am sure. It is just LIFE getting in the way of blogging, mostly. :-)

they call me mommy said...

The clothesline shot...sigh. LOVE IT! :) Great job on your canning!!!

Full of Grace said...

Happy Anniversary and God's Blessings today and all year through! Thanks so much to all of you for coming yesterday to celebrate my birthday on your family day- it meant a lot, and thank you Rebecca for all you did to make this year special for me when I was feeling so low- I love you.