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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thanksgiving Baby

That baby up there is not a Tiddle.  It is a Bunkin...who, seven years later, has become quite a charming wisp of a girl.

Her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year so we celebrated 'officially' on Wednesday.  

It turned out to be one of the most 'growing up' birthdays on record because Adele' (after much yearning and begging) was given the very grown-up gift of real earrings (and, as she calls it, getting her ears SPEARED.)  

Ears speared is a very grown up thing indeed.

She did marvelously and was very brave and VERY pleased with herself afterward.  

On top of the very grown-up ears being speared, she and I also decided it was time for her to get a hair cut.  I can't be sure but I am pretty confident this was her first haircut...ever.

Her wisps were beginning to get the best of her and probably should have been done a long time ago. 

  It took me so long to do it because...well, I was petrified of messing up.  And really, she has always been my wispy girl.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to let that go.

But I did.

I watched every last second of this video (which could have been half as long as it was) and felt prepared enough (it didn't look so hard!) until I took that first 4 inch cut.  


After that first cut, I was a wreck the whole time! 

 I was pretty darn proud of myself when I finished!  

And, best of all, was this:

Adele' asked for a donut cake this year and picked out some donut holes for it.  Darling girl, she made my life so easy!

I was so thankful for this little bit of grace because the rest of the week looked like this:

Wednesday: Birthday.  Birthday Cake.  Birthday Feast. Presents. Ear Spearing. Cut hair x 4.
Thursday: Thanksgiving.  Prepare food to take to Thanksgiving Feast. Gone all day.
Friday: Make wedding gift and sew two dresses for the girls to wear on Saturday to....
Saturday: my brother Jonathan's wedding! Iron clothes. Photograph event.  Gone all day.  Dancing.  Exhaustion.
Sunday: church meal.  Make food.  And cocoa. Do nothing the rest of the afternoon.

I am so thankful for my smart, sweet seven-year-old Adele'; her gap-mouthed grin, her golden specked eyes, her contagious giggle and all her endearing little ways.  


Anonymous said...

I love her hair, I can't believe she is that old!! She looks darling and I love her cake!!~Jennifer

Rhonda said...

She is a darling girl! 7 is such a good age.
The donut cake is so pretty, good job! I'm going to remember this cool looking dessert.

beth said...

previous commenter used the perfect word -- adelé is DARLING. so very.

"ear spearing" - love it!

Debbie said...

She looks so grown up with her new haircut and "speared" ears. :)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on her hair. What a sweet girl.
Mrs. Bowen

Christina Gomez said...

Beautiful girl! Cute cake. Rest mama!;).

Christina Gomez said...

Beautiful girl! Cute cake. Rest mama!;).

...they call me mommy... said...

Aww. That baby picture! DARLING! And my Ella can't wait till next spring when SHE gets her ears speared as well - on her 7th birthday! :) And her hair looks great! :)

Full of Grace said...

LOVE her hair!! Really love it! :) As for Jonathan, he hasn't given me that info yet either if I hear anything I'll let you know. PS those photos of Adele' are wall worthy!!! :)

Melissa said...

Oh my! She is just a precious girl! Love the haircut!!

Terri said...

Her hair is beautiful! She is the sweetest thing. Happy Birthday, Adele!

Paula said...

I thought for a moment you had had Tiddle early when I saw that first picture! Her hair looks beautiful and really suits her sweet face xxx

Miranda Hupp said...

Wow! She is really growing up! So beautiful and I am very impressed with her hair. Is there anything you can't do!? People ask me that all the time and the next time I am going to refer them to your blog so they can really see what that is like. :)

Terri Cheney said...

It's little things like having ears 'speared' that will make you smile 30 years from now, trust me. I still smile when I think of 'nuffins' (muffins) and 'horror moans' which was so much more spot on than hormones ever were, lol. And Yogrut...Yep those are what make me smile. And did I say 30 years later. Some of them are 35 years now.
Happy Birthday to dear Adele, all 7 years of her. I can't believe she's 7!

Ulli said...

Happy Birthday, Adele! Love your new hair and your speared ears!