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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The 2015 "Put 'Em Up" List

I've been hastily scribbling my canning list on a sheet of paper on the side of the fridge after a late night (or full day) of canning for quite some time and now the paper is filled with scratches and scribbles.

Now would be a great time to get my sidebar up to date with the 2016 canning tally....which means I need to get that out-dated list outta there.  

Here it is, for posterity.  (Expect the new one to be put up and added to shortly!)

~Canned~("jars" unspecified means I used a variety of sizes)

* Volcano Pickles, 8 qts
* Green Beans, 14 qts
* Three Bean Salad, 7 pts
* Zuke "Pineapple" Tidbits, 8 pts
* Vanilla Peach Jam, 18 jars
* Tomatoes, 28 qts
* Pickled Peppers, 6 jars
* Turkey Soup, 7 qts
* Zucchini Relish, 9 jars
* Cinnamon Pickles, 11 pts
* B&B Spears, 8 qts
* Pickled Beets, 12 qts
* Applesauce, 37 qts


* Huckle/Blueberries, 34 lbs
Peach Wedges, 6 gal.
* Corn, 15 qts.
* Asparagus, 6 bags

* cucumbers
* Apple slices
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