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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My First Knitted Baby Garment

Long before I knew a baby was in my future, and when I was first starting out on this whole knitting thing, I started this little vest.  I started it because I love knitted garments, because it was small (so it would take the least amount of time) and because there was lots of stockinette stitch for me to practice.  I believe I was, at the time, working on dpns for a pair of fingerless mitts and having a devil of a time of it.  So, this little vest was my sanity saver and maybe a place where I knit in a few hopes and wishes too.

I remember thinking at the time that the sleeves were extraordinarily short but with no baby to try it on- I couldn't be sure.

I extended the straps about 4 inches on each side so that she could get at least a bit of wear out of it, my first knitted baby garment.  Her little potbelly hangs out of it but I am glad it sorta fits.  For a bit.

And it perfectly matches her stormy eyes.

Funny, I remember when I was pregnant I was hoping and hoping I might have a blue-eyed baby (all the children have Matt's dark brown eyes).  To think that I finished it up knitting this vest peering into the very same color of my soon-to-be-Tiddle's eyes.

PS.  Still working on the book Bandersnatch.  Enjoying every minute of it.




Melissa said...

Oh my! What a sweetheart she is! Love the outfit!

Carei @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh that is just so gorgeous - she looks absolutely adorable in it, and it's a lovely colour

Jayne M said...

What gorgeous photos! I love vests on littlies - reminds me I need to cast some on as autumn is coming up soon here in Australia. The yarn colour is just divine.

Miranda Hupp said...

So cute!

Ulli said...

So cute--and so is the vest! (great job, Rebecca)

Anonymous said...

Your Colin vest is so sweet and such a lovely color! I had trouble commenting the other day. I hope this works!


Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job for your first time. And she is so dang cute, I could bite her! :-)