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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Nautical Birthday

My Mother-in-Law had a special birthday this year.  I'm sworn to secrecy on the number but it was one of those decade birthdays that deserve some fan fare.  

So we hosted a little birthday bash for her at our place and a week or two beforehand, we worked on a special birthday surprise.  Since Linda loves lighthouses and has even traveled places for the sole purpose of seeing them, we thought a lighthouse/nautical theme would be fun.  She also loves the ocean and shell collecting so it seemed the perfect theme for her.

Here is the master carpenter at work on her birthday surprise:

Matt, skilled as he is, was able to build this lighthouse without a pattern...using just some photographs as inspiration.  He was the builder, I was the painter so the gift was from both of us.

You'll see the finished product in place at the end of this post.

In the meantime~ the party:

We happened to have the most perfect flowers for the party growing in our own backyard.  

Corynn made the sand dollar cookies

Everyone got a nautical chocolate pop~which I was making right up until the party has almost begun.  I never seem to give myself enough time to make those things.

Mental Note: It takes more than 30 minutes to make 16 chocolate pops using a single 4 pop mold.  

We raided our shell stash for decorations.
These have all been given to us as we have never actually been to the ocean!  

That's supposed the be a red octopus, by the way.
My mother-in-law isn't a cake person so my sister-in-law brought these beautiful pies for dessert.

Adele made her a starfish garland using salt dough and wooden beads which was beautiful.  I forgot to take a picture of it up close but you can kind of see it in the background here, decorating the entrance to the porch.

Spectators always blow when the birthday person blows.  It can't be helped, it can't be stopped.  Ever notice that?  

After July 4th, I went out and bought a few fireworks at half off which we lit off at the end of the party.
The birthday girl, surrounded by her grands.

I hope she felt loved.  She is.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that with everything else you have on your plate, you always go all out and are so creative in your entertaining. You are an inspiration.

Unknown said...

Amazing! Yall did a great job! Wow! Thankyou for sharing! Yall have so much talent! Great memories! Christina

debbie said...

Is that a tiny house in the background.you guys are see creative

Ulli said...

What a wonderful party and for your dear MIL. You do such a great job putting on special affairs. The lighthouse is perfect! My favorite picture is Grandma with her grands!

Ulli said...

oops... take the "and" out of the first line--meant to add "affair". Haha--too early... need coffee...

Rebecca said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Debbie~ that little house used to be their maple syrupping shack but has since been converted to a little antique barn since Linda loves old antique things. It is her little 'happy place'.

Abigail said...

What a beautiful party! I love the colors and little touches you added (and that basket/vase/centerpiece thingy is so pretty!). A hearty well done to you and Matt on the lighthouse; it's pretty spectacular. I'm sure she felt cherished. That's the best gift of all.