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Monday, January 08, 2018


Also entitled: The Time When Rebecca Posts Too Many Snowflake Bread Pictures.

But it was beautiful bread...

I made it a handful of times in two weeks' time. 

Sometimes with plum jam, sometimes with strawberry jam, sometimes loaded with cinnamon and sugar (like a big delicious cinnamon roll).

Lovely and delicious- snowflake bread is going to be a tradition from now on.

We had hosted the Cantrell family Christmas at our house on New Years' weekend and went for the Newman Christmas on New Years Day, leaving Christmas Day to be blissfully quiet and slow and wonderful with just ussins and no place to go. 

We listened to Christmas music and sucked candy canes.  I ate almost an entire stocking load of Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles.  We opened gifts and played with them.  We read.  We ate lasagna (and snowflake bread) and took naps.  It was bliss.

Cantrell Christmas was brunch this year.  Which I wouldn't mind doing every year for the food alone.  Breakfast pizzas.  Hashbrown casserole.  Mini quiches.  SNOWFLAKE BREAD.

On the second day of Christmas, we were so surprised when the doorman knocked and gave us a box of gourmet toffee... the label read: 

And we really DID taste the love.  That was amazing toffee.

(Thank you Mary!!!! What a treat!)

Mom's Christmas Wish~ a picture of the whole family...

Andrew brought some bunnies in....  and lots of people went out to see the puppies.

Ineke is a singer.  She gets it from her Mama.  Who got it from HER Mama. 

And now the older and the younger sing together.

And while Nanny was teaching me to sing out and proud, she was teaching my big sister that same lesson.  And she taught HER children.

And now we all sing together in nursing homes at Christmas time.

Christmas can be exhausting.

An hour before a houseful of company came, Adele' reminded me that I had promised to cut her hair. 

In fact, I had remembered all week but put it off because 1) I was afraid I would screw it up (it isn't boy hair afterall) and 2) because I was SURE she would change her mind and 3) I was hoping she would forget.

She didn't.  So an hour before company and when I had a million other things to do in preparation, I cut her hair. 

And an hour after that, she opened a present from her Aunt and Uncle with a box for coloring hair.

And then things got real.


A picture of what is happening under the big bear blanket to the right.

In other words, what Mama and Papa do after all the guests head home.

Judah lost a tooth!  (Too much toffee??)

Christmas was, as they always are, very merry indeed.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday! PLEASE share the snowflake bread recipe!


Anonymous said...

Yes please do share the recipe. Looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

The snowflake bread is gorgeous! Please do a tutorial on it.

Emily said...

Another vote for your beautiful snowflake bread recipe please. (And you absolutely DO NOT have too many photos of it!)

Maggie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love that snowflake bread (and it seems I'm not alone)! I'm going to see if I can make a gluten/milk/soy/nut free version next Christmas (we've got a lot of allergies in our family).

Rebecca said...

Glad to know I am not the only admirer of beautiful breads! I saw this bread originally on Pinterest- but here is the link to the actual blogsite:


It's very easy and pleasant work...and delicious! A few times I just used my favorite bread recipe since her recipe uses several eggs- and it came out just fine both ways.

Rebecca said...

Oh- and I left out the cardamom because I have none. I've been looking for it for months, actually, and never seem to find any being sold anywhere... Ah well.

Still, cardamom or none, delicious.

Ulli said...

Thanks for posting the snowflake bread recipe. It dawned on me that with a little different shaping of the triangles, you could make flowers. Fun!

Cardamom--Did you try Wegman's? If you have a World Market around, try there. I got some there before Christmas... whole cardamom. Just grind it in a spice or coffee grinder.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! We still are celebrating Christmas here.....will take this to the gathering at my moms this weekend. 😃


Abigail said...

I almost made that bread for Christmas but ran out of time! I've never made it before, though, and thought it would be too hard to cram in. With your encouragement that it's easy (really?! I hope!) maybe we'll have some for a Valentine's Day party, instead.

For cardamom, you could try Sweeney's. (You probably drive past it to get to the Parkway, right?) I stocked up on several small containers of it there a few years back for $1.19 each. The brand they had was Tone's, and it came in dainty little containers instead of huge ones.

Abigail said...

p.s. The Tone's cardamom was ground, though, so it probably doesn't taste as good as grinding your own. :)

Abigail said...

The girls all loved seeing pictures of Jonathon. Corynn had told them about it, and now they're wishing their uncles would do the same. :) Also, Aidan is sitting next to me and just asked why you're having a tea party at our house. He thought that picture of you all feasting in your dining room was you all feasting in OUR dining room. Ha!

Mary P said...

Looks like a lot of wonderful parties and family time :-) I’m amazed you actually had your camera out to capture so much of it! Thanks for posting, we always enjoy these perks into your family life

Mary P said...

Peeks not perks !