What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just Desserts

Now having the car during the day, I was able to attend bible study yesterday, after a LONG hiatus. They could hardly remember my name, I was gone so long! It was a great time and each time I go, I am reminded why I enjoy going. It is worth the hassle to get there once I am there. Corynn really enjoyed her class too. Since we don't go to Sunday School at church (it is before service and we don't like that setup, so we don't go...), I like that she goes to a little bible class every now and again at the Bible Study-and she SO enjoys it.

On our way home, I stopped to see some nearby cows that were out. The kids were asleep in the back and when I woke Corynn up to see them, she was disoriented and grumpy and so, didn't like them one bit. Of course, it didn't help that one of them blew on her in a loud snort. You would have thought she was dying, she screamed so loud! It was fun to see them, even if it WAS just me enjoying them...they were the friendly sort and reminded me more of puppies than cows. They kept nuzzling and trying to lick me. Of course, a particularly friendly one was in a 'standing heat' so that *might* have had something do with it! :-) All that fun was paid for later though. I am allergic to cows and though I washed my hands as soon as I came home, I had to carry a box of Kleenex with me for the rest of the night. Well worth it though, to be slobbered and slopped on by cows. hehehe


The other day I made a sundress for Corynn out of some fabric I picked up at a yardsale. I only need to add some buttons and it will be done...but I don't know how to do buttonholes! Does anyone know how...and how to explain it to me, SIMPLY?
-OR- Give me an easy alternative? I am thinking about making an elastic loop to put around the button-but since the dress is completely sewn, the stitching on of the elastic will show through in a not so pretty way. Anyway. Any advice would be appreciated


As for today:

* I am going to prepare some more fabric because I want to make some more clothes (hopefully WITHOUT buttons!) during nap time the rest of the week. A shirt and a skirt for me and a matching dress for Corynn. I WON'T finish those this week, but I can prep for their start!

* I am going to do a bit of a photoshoot. Here is the thing: I don't have a fancy shmancy camera like I would like, nor can we afford one at this time, so the photos that I would *like* to take artistically may not be possible at this time. At least not possible in the way I WANT them to be possible. My yearly goal for photography was architecture, but I may tweak it a little to focus on something I can DO well. SO-I have decided to work to make a small 'studio'. HA! It is funny even to say that word. What I really mean, is to fudge my way into portraiture by accumulating black fabric and white fabric (or paper) for backgrounds and possibly experiment with making a light diffuser. Yesterday at TARGET, I got a black fur throw on sale...perfect, I hope, for a black background (with the added benefit of extra warmth on these freezing nights!). Though I haven't taken any other steps to make my own fold-up 'studio' (HA again!), I do want to play with my black blanket. So, expect some photos in the next day or so.

* I have a lot to do to prepare for next week, which will be the start of Corynn's (and my) quest to learn to read. I have flashcards to make, a sticker chart to ready, and a PLAN to come up with. I have chosen a new bible verse for her to memorize, Romans 10:9.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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Wendy said...

As far as button holes go--I would take a very tight zig zag stitch and sew up just a LITTLE ways...turn for the top which is just a few stitches then turn down, and finally turn for the bottom...then you cut a slice through the middle with scissors...the goal is to try to make it as close together as possible...PRACTICE on some spare fabric first. Perhaps your machine has a button holer function...mine does--maybe look in your manuel. I hope this helps--I imagine someone else may be able to explain it better.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Wendy's idea sounds good, but you could also sew snaps on, and sew buttons over top. I've done this when my machine freaks out, and chews up my buttonhole.
Looking forward to your pictures!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Wendy! That helped a lot actually. My sewing machine is so old. I bought it used (with my own money!) when I was 13 so...yeah, in the need of a new one. :-)

Mrs. Bonnie~Thanks for your tidbit. I am DEFINATELY going to keep that in mind for future dresses. I fudged the button holes though, only because I HAD buttons and I DIDN'T have snaps. otherwise, I probably would have taken the easy way out! :-)