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Friday, January 19, 2007

Summer Dress

Here are a few snapshots of the dress I made a few days ago. I am not entirely pleased with it because I wish the skirt had more fullness. Knowing, though, that all the fabric was bought at a yard sale for under $1.00 and I only had SO much made me feel better. I purposely made it the largest size I could so that Corynn can wear it NEXT summer. I made that decision after inventoring Corynn's summer dresses and realized she had MORE than plenty! :-)

Now I have two
handmade dresses under my belt! Posted by Picasa


Mrs. B. said...

You did a great job, Rebecca. I love the dolphins on the top. You did a fine job of centering them. I would be very happy with the results. And the buttonhole looks great too!

smilnsigh said...


And I followed your link back to the previous dress. The patriotic one. And made a comment, because I'd never seen that entry before. Oh I love that one tooooo!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Mrs. Bibby. The buttonholes need work, but they are functional anyway! :-)

MN~Thanks. That was my first ever clothing project and I was (am) so proud of it! I used a pajama pattern and just made a few alterations to make it look more like a dress. Maybe someday I will have another little girl who can wear it! (I hope!)

Kelli said...

You did a wonderful job, Rebecca! What a pretty summer dress, I love the dolphins!

Carmichael Family said...

I LOVE this dress! It is absolutely adorable!