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Monday, November 30, 2009

Let her eat cake, for goodness' sake

Finally getting around to posting some birthday pictures from my not-so-baby-anymore baby.

I never realized how much having a birthday near (or on) a holiday can really stink until this year. I was SO unmotivated to make a birthday cake when there were dozens of Thanksgiving pies to dig into and within the Thanksgiving day bustle of visiting family and such, nary a thought was given to our Miss Addie Mae.

I skipped the whole "decorate their cake however they want" tradition because:

1) She couldn't TELL me (and didn't care) how I should decorate the cake

2) Pumpkin pie

3) Cupcakes work for the whole "feeding themselves" thing

4) Pecan pie

5) I had just made THIS cake for Matt's Grams' birthday party:

Oh yeah, and....

6) Apple Pie

I planned to make normal cupcakes and decorate them with green frosting because her most favorite food these days are PEAS. But when I went into the cupboard, would you believe I didn't have any normal cupcake liners?!? I had EASTER EGG and STAR shaped foil liners that I had gotten 90% off at Target after Easter.

So even the whole PEA idea crashed and burned. The girl got Easter egg cupcakes on her Thanksgiving day birthday. I am pathetic. Except. NOT on Thanksgiving. No, we ate her cupcakes two days later.

So she got pathetic excuses for cake two days AFTER her birthday. Wow. I am a winner.

But I made her a party hat!!! Does that make me a better mother?!

And we sang to her almost everyday for a week. That's gotta count for something.

You know...I don't think she minded even a bit. She, after all, got to eat CAKE! (And just so you know--that cupcake LOOKS burned on bottom but it wasn't. Promise.)

And the obligatory cake-in-face shots:

Yep-I think she had a happy birthday. Despite it all. ;-)
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