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Monday, February 15, 2010

Musicals and Life

What a crazy few days. Actually, whole WEEK.

Why, this very morning we had a chimney fire to contend with. (Fire department came, all was taken care of with no damage to anything---and the children even got an up-close view of about 8 different emergency vehicles that lined our drive.)

Every one in the house has been sick on and off since last week-starting with Andrew who slathered every rug from his bed to the bathroom and plenty of clothes in between, then moving to Adele' who was a quiet upchucker (doing it at night and not complaining about it and, then, rolling around in it all night until morning unbeknownst to us-when crusty vomit-gel made quite an interesting hairstyle. Two mornings, two incredibly bizarre hairstyles.) then moving to Corynn who just lay motionless on the couch for a day and a half and refused to eat and finally wound up with Mattie, who-poor guy- had to make bathroom visits during the night no less than seven times last night. Mercifully, I have felt sick all week but never enough to actually "do the deed", which is (in my book) one of the worst things ever. Maybe I am just good at being nauseous all day and night...or maybe I am next. (please, no!) but nevertheless, I have been caretaker, back-rubber, baby rocker and GROSS laundry doer for an entire week and it is (trust me) wearing on me. Hearing it happen, smelling that grossness, and having to touch it is almost too much for a pregnant woman to bear!

(Hello? Anyone still here?!?)

Even still, there have been some great shining moments in the last week too.

At an "off moment" of sickies (Andrew was over it and no one else had started it) we were able to follow through with a grand suprise Matt and I had planned for the children. A local highschool was putting on a production of Fiddler on the Roof (a favorite of ours---and yes, our CHILDREN) and we thought it would be a nice replacement to our usual Friday night Movie night.

In fact, in honor of such fun-ness, Matt took the whole day off! The children have never been to a production of ANY sort and (since I was BIG into drama and the arts in highschool) it is important to me that my children have access to those sorts of goodies. I would say it was my idea but it was simultaneously Matt's (we both saw the sign seperately and then decided to talk to each other about it which I think it super cool.) We took our niece (her school) with us too. (That's her by Corynn.)

Tickets are hefty (no heftier than usual) when you have three children in tow (never had that in my highschool days!) so I asked if they would give a discount (I was hoping they would let Adele' in for free since she was going to be on my lap) but the ticket guy was awesome and let the children in for free! ALL of them! YAY! DOUBLE, TRIPLE yay!

It was a CRAZY long production, and began at the childrens' bedtime, but the children were enraptured the entire time. This was typical of Corynn:

We sat in the second to the front row, split a bag of fruit snacks during intermission, got a sneak peak at the instrumental "pit" and didn't get out of there until 10:40pm but have talked about it ever since. I expected to take Adele' out at some point but she never made a peep and neither did the other children. I got lots of compliments from the people behind us during intermission and that is ALWAYS nice.

A favorite scene~ the matchmaker song.

This song made me remember that I had videotaped an almost-baby Corynn singing that very song (I told you they like it!) so I am reposting it here. Listening to her little babyvoice was so sweet! I had forgotten! She was 3 1/2 here.

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And Matt's favorite scene:

Another Shining Moment this week was on Saturday, when my Beloved celebrated another year of getting older and wiser. He usually waits until he birthday to shave his winter beard, and does so with not-too-few complaints but THIS year, he surprised me by shaving it off almost an entire week early! I can't tell you how excited I was (hence, Friday's kissy face picture-yeehaw).

He got himself a copy of the Backyard homestead, some work lights, and a newly crocheted hat (more pictures to come of that.)

Taking note of gifts 329-360)

*this high calling

*washing machines

* family date nights

*a flaming, redhot chimney pipe~ fire, blessedly contained

*the stench of ashes, but safety

*a greedy, expectant calf jumping around excitedly when he sees his grain

*flowers, hoped for but unexpected

*kind strangers who share encouraging words when they don't HAVE to

*brown paper packages

*letters in the mailbox!

*fresh sheets

*the smell of baby shampoo on wispy white hair

*sausage gravy

*a tea chest

*Andrew's constant companion...the bungee cord

*watching and reliving bits of home-video history

*bright red yarn

*a good friends' Light, still yet to lay eyes on

* Corynn and Andrew, belting out a song

* the beginning of a new trimester (and still in normal jeans!**)

*longer days, bit by bit

* uninterrupted sleep

* musicals

* pinkish lips

* construction paper hearts

* the crisp feel of a new toothbrush

*painting itty bitty fingernails

*33 years of baby-turned man-turned husband then father. A worthwhile life.

* seed catalogs

*Mattie here during the day, even if he IS sick

*hopes for spring, it IS coming, isn't it!?!

holy experience


Kathy said...

Isn't it just WONDERFUL the way children engage with live theatre? I used to bring my son to all sorts of live events in our area - people thought I was crazy bringing a tot, but he LOVED it! And it is sooo good for them to have these experiences ;)

Hope all are feeling better soon - and that you have no more gross laundry to contend with ;)

~ Kathy

Paula said...

Oh, you have my utmost sympathy with the stomach bug. My whole family was down with it last week (including my six month old daughter) and it was NO fun. My five year old son is rather like Adele in that he is just quietly sick in the night and then sleeps in it...ugh!

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Bonnie said...

HOW FUN! I am rather jealous, high school productions are so much fun, I've seen State Fair, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (boring, but a kid from church was in it), and my mom saw Fiddler at a high school, and said it was unbelievable.
Not school put on, I've seen Carmen (the opera- okay), and Arsenic and Old Lace, when B. and I were dating.

I figured you guys might be sick, just a hunch, and I was certain there was lots of birthdaying going on.
Good for you with the salmon, I have made it twice. B. loved it, I thought it was so-so. I am not a big sea food fan, Unless its crab, or lobster, or shrimp. And those never happen in my kitchen.
Lovely, all of it!
(By the way, you stink still in normal jeans. I suddenly popped out even bigger this past weekend. No, I don't think the cheesecake I made had anything to do with it.) People are giving me the you-aren't-due-'til-when?! look.
Friday the 26th, we'll find out if I goofed, or we're having a litter....

Bonnie said...

Oh My gosh, I can't believe I forgot say it, SO thankful the fire was nothing major! Awful visions of our friends house are still swirling in my mind.....

Did I ever tell you about when B. set the neighboring field on fire by accident?.... Fire dept. couldn't even FIND us. (Uh, follow the smoke trail boys.....)

...they call me mommy... said...

I worked on my MM post a bit this morning but didn't get it finished...oh well! There is always next week!

SOOOO glad you all are safe and sound! Whew! What a week for you guys!

I LOVE Fiddler the Roof...actually dh and I saw it as a play also! I've NEVER watched it my kids! SHAME ON ME! Putting it on hold at the library RIGHT NOW! :P That video of Corynn is SO. VERY. CUTE.

Nicki said...

Oh! SO with you on the gross laundry bit - pregnant or not - it is UNBEARABLE! Praying you dont get the bug :)

Father's Grace Ministries said...

So sorry to hear you've had sickness in the family, I pray you don't get it too.

I LOVED Corryn's singing. We love Fiddler and other classic musicals here. Our oldest daughter, now 8, is currently into singing songs from musicals and is currently teaching herself, singing along with YOUTUBE, until she knows words and melody and then sings without the music. If we didn't homeschool , she probably wouldn't have had the time to develop and enjoy this gifting.

Tracy said...

So very thankful that the chimney fire was contained and that you are all safe and sound.

I'm so sorry to hear about the sickness making its rounds at your place. Not fun at all as a pregnant mama. I've been there, done that and you have my sympathy.

I've never seen Fiddler on the Roof! We actually have it here in our home where it has sat for the past 10 days with no chance to sit and watch it. I'm sure Netflix wonders what happened to their DVD by this time.

Peggy said...

OH my you have had quite the week! I pray that you never came down w/ the nasty bug. And a fire, ugh... Thankfully you all came through it with no loss.

I love hearing Corynn sing Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof. That is my all-time favorite musical but I live in a house of bah humbugs... They scoff at musicals. I don't know what happened, they loved them when they were little...

So gald to hear that you have been having some wonderful happy birthday celebrations! We are beginning birthday week today but will post pone celebrations until this weekend due to work and schedule constrainments... Reserve weekend, track practice, school, inital doctors appointments, pick-up washer (died on the trip here, its been in the shop for repairs), possible delivery of household goods, and painting. Wow, I'm just tired reading about it...

Jerelene said...

Hello Rebecca! I am so sorry to hear that you've had the horrible old stomach bug going round :( Yuck..
I am glad to hear that no one was hurt or anything damamged with your chimney fire. Your guardian angels were busy keeping watch over all of you :)
I love Fiddler on the Roof too! I can see how the kids would have had such a wonderful time. It is such beautiful music! Sam is doing beginning drama in his homeschool co-op. It is still possible to homeschool and to take part in singing and drama. He takes choir and art and is learning to play cello too. His group is doing Treasure Island this year.
Where do you find the book you got Matt for his birthday? We are getting anxious for spring here...getting a little tired of all the snow :(
Hope you are feeling well...
Enjoyed, (as always) visiting your page today...the highlight was watching Corynn singing....adorable:):)
Love, Jerelene

Rebecca said...

Oooh----Treasure Island sounds awesome Jerelene! Wish we could come! I got the book from Barnes and Nobles.com-they had a membership price/shipping sale that was better than amazon (even though I am not a member).

Jemit said...

Oh, Rebecca.. how I loved listening to a little Coryn singing from Fiddler on the Roof.. so wonderful! I'm so glad you shared that.