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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Old Fort Niagara

WAAAAYYY back, AGES ago it seems (though it was really only 6 or 8 weeks ago), Matt and I took an overnight trip sans older childer three. The ground is white now instead of green, Matts face is furry now instead of smooth and anyone who goes outside without a coat is pretty much on the level of insane so, even though it was only a month and a half ago, these photos are already outdated. Oh well. Now you know how FAR BEHIND I am on blogging.

Outdated or not, I *must* file them away for posterity. *Sigh* It was so good, that day.

(I can't remember the last time we got a picture together, so this one is pretty special to me. Thank you strange lady for taking a moment to take our picture.)

One of the things we did was to visit Old Fort Niagara. We spent a very overcast day there, but the blessed clouds didn't open up until we stepped foot in our car to head home. I love considerate clouds.

The whole time we kept thinking about how much fun the children would have being here with us so we took loads of pictures to show them. Andrew would have gone crazy at the sight of the drawbridge and cannons and Corynn would have LOVED the castle. I mean, really, What girl would ever NOT go gaga over a castle?!?

Judah was truly captivated by it all. Especially by the live demonstrations.

I was seriously smitten with the tables. What I wouldn't give for a few of those. The oven in the bakery would have been handy too. It was about 8 feet long.

Matt, on the other hand, was captivated at the thought of smoking a pipe at this fireplace every night. Boys.

a drawbridge. A DRAW BRIDGE!!!

Not quite sure what a bundle of sticks and sandbags could do against cannons and the like, but hey---I guess it was innovative.

I told you we took lots of pictures. (Notice the word "we"? For the first time ever Matt picked up my camera and took pictures of me! yay!)

They built the Fort under the guise of being a TRADING post for the Indians. They kept up the facade by simply keeping a trading post room. No matter all other rooms held the quarters of many a soldier.

A picture of our next house...


Michelle G said...

Love the pic of the next house - very baby proof looking - very strong :)

Thank you for sharing the trip with us!

ulli said...

Rebecca I love these photos! You're such a good photographer, and Matt isn't bad either. He should pick up the camera more often :). What an adorable couple you two are. The picture of just your faces should be framed, it's so good. Your bright eyes and smile, and his steadfast, handsome face is just beautiful! It speaks of mutual love and respect, and his deep commitment to take care of you. Honestly-I see that in this photo.

Bonnie said...
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Christine Williams said...

WOW!!! What I would give to go to a place like that. I *love* history and actually go to a place with real meaning would be awesome *sigh* As always love the pictures and hope to someday at least be 1/4as good ;P Judah looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself too.

Bonnie said...

First off, your are stunningly gorgeous. Just so you know.
Second FUUNNN! Wow, I'm lucky for a date twice a year and you got a whole night and day!
Love all the pictures, I'm with ya on the table and oven, and those bunches of sticks, I think, are actually baskets. Seems to me I've seen them at some other historic sight.

Nanci said...

Looks to me like you couldn't quit smiling. You must have been enjoying yourself.

And just so you know, I'm hooked! This clan definitely has to visit there!

Tracy said...

What a wonderful time away for the two of you. It looks like a perfect getaway whilst toting the baby along- not too much walking, but interesting and fun.

Ellie said...

Thank you Rebecca, for posting these photos! I live in Nova Scotia now, but when we lived in Ontario one of our favourite spots to go for the day was Fort George, on the Canadian side. We always wondered what Old Fort Niagara was like! Thanks so much for sharing!

Victoria said...

Took a homeschool field trip there last summer ('09). Absolutely fantastic. The things they plan for "school" groups are amazing - your kids would love it!

Glad you and your sweetie got a day to yourselves! Funny how we do that and then keep thinking about how much the kids at home would love it and how we should have brought them...maybe. :)

Leah said...

That is just the kind of place I LOVE visiting. I get all nostalgic and romantic about living in such a place at such a time (unrealistical, of course).
My husband also liked that fireplace... and was considering the pipe thing :)

Peggy said...

I'm thinking I see a side trip on our drive to the in-laws this summer. I mean it is kinda on our way so why not make it a two day trip! Stunning pictures! Not just of the fort but of the two of you as well!

Wendy said...

Wow! A trip with out kids? That is something to envy :-) I have never been there....but now I want to! It looks so lush and green...and rustic! How cool!

On a different note....I just wanted to make sure you got your invite to our Holiday party on the 18th 6:30...7:00ish till? We would love for all the Newmans to come!

...they call me mommy... said...

You LOOK wonderful!! :) And that place looks so neat...I love old historical places! :) My kids would have also gone gaga! :)