What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A few thoughts before bed.

I want to make something crafty (it seems like it has been ages!) but the only bit of crafty I have been able to get to is how to artfully stack that precarious pile of clean dishes to dry without them all tumbling down.

I want to lose weight but I want to remember that caring too much, worrying too much, or despising myself because of it is vanity.

I want to like how I look on the outside less than I like how I look on the inside.

I want to go on a date with my husband, but think waking up to his arms around me will do for now.

I want to remember to make another batch of homemade toothpaste.

I want to be as thankful for the hard times as the easy ones.

I want to walk into the bathroom and NOT see that everyone forgot to flush the toilet...again.

I want reading the Bible for MYSELF to come easier for me.

I want to paint with watercolors.

I want to stop getting discouraged when I fail and just try again with a smile, being encouraged that I am trying. And that counts for something.

I want to get a letter in my mailbox. And have time to catch up on a few.

I want starting new habits to be easier. Like waking up early. It is so worth it.

I want Matt to find encouragement as he waits for his business to prosper. It will, Mattie! It will!

I want to show you my herbs and my garden. I will. NEXT WEEK!

I want to feel the blessings of God, even when they look more like curses.

I want those scowl lines in my forehead to disappear and to keep the happy wrinkles.

I want to thank whoever put that ten dollars in my car mirror today. Dad?

I want to make cheese. And yogurt. And frankly, I am tired of waiting on myself.

I want to remember Judah's gorilla crawl. And how cute he is when he tackles you.

I want to find the camera battery that disappeared on me.

I want 'trusting' to be easier to do than it is.

I want to make myself something that is stylish. That I don't have to iron. and that flatters.

I want to make an herbal medicine kit.

I want the childrens' room to tidy itself before morning.

I want to count it ALL joy,
even when I don't get what I want.


Anonymous said...

oh I soaked up every word of this - thank you for sharing those thoughts -

if I had your address, I'd handwrite you a letter right now! what a blessing your blog has been to me. thank you.

beth in va

Bonnie said...

So many of the exact same wants here, but then why am I surprised, since we often share a brain.
Its nice reading this though, and know I'm not the only one who thinks these things.

Bonnie said...

And may I highly recommend reading the the chapter of Proverbs and Psalms that corresponds with the date? Sometimes while I'm reading that, the Lord will bring another chapter or book to mind, and then I'll go there.
Titus and the Peter's are 3 of my favorite books, so when I still feel like I'm not "finished" with my morning Bible reading, I often go there.
And ask God what He wants you to read. More often than you realize, that passage that pops into your head "randomly", is His nudging.

...they call me mommy... said...

I understand a lot of these, Rebecca. More than you know! Lately, what has helped me SO much is just thinking on the Lord, and then the main things He wants me to do become so clear.



Anonymous said...

i agree with beth, if i had your address id send you a letter : )you have also been a big blessing to me!

and on the word, i try to read during nap time... at least her first morning nap. but i am sure with more kiddos there is less of that time. we read the bible straight through too from genesis to revelations trying to read 10 chapters a day.. i know its a lot but it transforms your being!

and ill keep praying for matt's business to grow. Its such an adventure watching your man do what he is designed to do. 1.5 years in and my hubby now has REGULAR business, and is finding joy in what he does!

email me if you want encouragement

blessings to you, MAY He fulfill all your hearts desires!

much love

Anonymous said...

I add my voice with the folks who would write you a letter if I had your address. But may I say these things instead.

We are supposed to be humble, but beating yourself up is not the answer. Do you know what I see when I come to your blog

1. Someone who is hard working and values work.
2. Someone who is not afraid to show how much she adores her husband in words and affection (from what I see in pictures). I love my husband and do things like cook food he likes and so on, but I fail to show in words and hugs and kisses how much he means to me. I was shy, did not think it was proper and so on. I have learned not to do so because of you.
3. Someone who has fun despite circumstances. Who finds joy in little things.

These are a few things I have learned from you. You inspire people more than you think or know you do. Just by being yourself and documenting your life. When you are down know this too. And be encouraged. You are someone unique that God is using more than you know.


Bonnie said...

Mailbox flag is up, a letter is inside for you!
Lets just hope our "5 o'clock somewhere" minded mail -carrier comes today....

Tracy said...

Good post!

Riahli said...

Great post, I am so curious about your toothpaste recipe... would love to know more about that!

Have you ever read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? It seems like a book you would really like. Also I have such a wonderfully easy recipe for yogurt in a crock pot if you are interested. :) I just made fermented vegetables today {sort of like sauerkraut, but not the sauerkraut most of us would buy in the store} really easy and really, really good for you! There is a great section on fermented vegetables and fruits in the book I just mentioned.

Tracy said...

Answered your berry questions on my post!

Mar said...

I would offer to write you a letter, but, uh, yeah, it wouldn't get written!

I laugh when you say you haven't crafted in a while - do you NOT remember the circus party???? That was amazing.

If you are like me - and millions of other women - there are ALWAYS going to be things you want to do, even if you get everything you listed done. Be proud of what you do accomplish, while still striving to do some of the necessary things AND the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

I love checking out your blog and both my teenage daughter and I find your photography to be sensational! You have such a good eye and great composition in your photos.

Thanks for the blog and uh, yeah, a letter is not in the mail, but that means you don't need to replay to it!

Christine said...

Delurking to say ~ crazy/cool that I took the same pictures the other night of the full moon. Just reminds me that we all see the same beautiful moon every night (even though I am in California). Moon pictures are hard btw. I know I need to not be lazy and get out the tripod.

abigail said...

I love that top picture! It embodies nighttime quiet.

I echo many of these, only my wish is that the entire house tidy itself before morning. :) May God continue to grant you grace, as well as time to do the necessary and the extras that fill us up.