What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Base touching

Meet my son. We call him Rocky. The truth is, he got stung by a wasp on his eyelid but we are telling everyone that he won a boxing match. Or that he is half Chinese. Depending upon our mood at the time.

I have a boatload of 'putting up' to do, particularly squash and cukes, but no real time to do it. I love to dehydrate summer squash and zucchini but my trusty and well-used dehydrator kicked the bucket on me. So I have been making zucchini bread for breakfasts and freezing the shredded in 2 cup increments. And we still drown in them. (It is a happy problem, I assure you.)

And as for the cukes, I picked a recipe that takes a LONG time (days) for them to cure. Maybe I will have time for them then? One never knows.

I am sick to death of quilts. I once loved quilts, I want(ed) to be a quilter, I thought they are beautiful. But now I loathe them. Despise them. They are hideous to me.

My computer and my camera is full of quilt pictures and nothing else. I hate that. I love documenting LIFE. Quilts? Not so much. And yet~ 17 more to go.

(and so now you know, tomorrow will bring another Foto Friday DUD for me. ugh)

All this photography stuff has me squirreled away in our bedroom for many hours of the day, leaving the children and Matt to pretty much fend for themselves. I hate that too.

I am right here at home, within shouting distance, and spend most of my working time during rest time or after the children are down for the night but STILL, I feel like I am missing out on so much LIFE. Like I am too far away from my children and missing out on them.

Makes me all the more keenly aware of how blessed I am to be a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mama. I miss them even when they are just in the next room.

And on an aside, let me just say:

I love you Cheerios!


I love the person who invented those hideous, prison-like pens for children. I could sing sonnets about them!

and especially~

I love my Judahbear, no less than an angel, who happily plays in there and never once complains. He has such a contented spirit. He is just the best little guy. EVER.

I wanted to show you garden progress this week and didn't get to it. I have the pictures, just not the time to post them. That's okay. We had plenty of work to do in there (boy is that an understatement) that we were able to do and that, my friends, is the MOST important thing to accomplish, right? Right.

And this little girl has a cough... which may or may not prevent us from going to a church retreat next week which I was looking forward to.

To make a long story short(er)....it has been a long week. And I am just plain TIRED.

Sadly, it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon.


Bonnie said...

Hey 13 down, thats great! 2 more and you'll be half finished!
That picture of Adele- just want to hug that cute babyness!

...they call me mommy... said...

Aww!!! I hate when life gets so busy it crowds out life, kwim?! (((HUGS))) Gorgeous pictures!

janelmartin said...

I'm a quilter and I love quilts (and your pictures of them.) I don't enjoy ironing and having to iron all of those quilts wouldn't be much fun. May God bless you in this work. I'm praying He'll make the wrinkles iron out quickly and the photo sessions go wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

prayers for you - and praise, too, that you are keenly aware of what blessings abound in your life!


MameyJane said...

Hoping that you find a cure for this case of quilt-loathing. And, can't want to see your awesome shots of them.

When I read your blog, I feel like I am visiting with a friend. Thank you for your warmth and realness.

abigail said...

I've been praying for you this week, and I hope that God miraculously turns the dutiful chug-chug-chug into a lightspeed zoom!

This hope is not altogether altruistic, because I REALLY want you all to come to the retreat. It's right on the lake! There are kayaks! Paddleboats! Lifejackets! Pastries and BACON for breakfast! Oh, yes...and good fellowship and other things, too.

Praying for soon rest for you. Hang in there, Missus.

-Andrew looks tough. Susie's foot ended up swelling enough that oozing blisters and boils developed because it was stretched so much, and as much as I'm interested in homeophathy, we gave antihistamines for a few days. (Long-leftover from CVS days.) It no longer looks like a rubber glove about to pop, and the medicine tasted like bubblegum! In your readings, have you learned of any natural remedy for rubber-glove feet that WORKS to reduce swelling? I've tried a few with no luck. Bubblegum, blah.

-Kitten: cute. Very cute.

-Mean and rotten quilt on your bed: lovely!

-Garden: hurrah!

-Adele: that picture makes me want to scoop her up. Poor sickie.

abigail said...


It's a bit like homeopathy only even MORE natural and ephective.

Anonymous said...

blessings to you and yours. may all of you find sweet rest among the busy days. and my God heal your lil ones! AND may he abundantly multiply the money you have worked so hard for! He is after all in the business of miracles!
blessings in Christ

momawake said...

Praying for you. :)

Jerelene said...

You have been busy:) Poor Andrew and swollen eye..hope he heals up quickly..and your little sweetie with the cough too..You can tell from the picture that she feels bad :( I'll say some prayers for both of them..
I have to say..I LOVE the quilt on your bed...gorgeous..
Your tiny one in the playpen is just a doll...too cute!! It's nice that God blessed you with such an easy-going little guy...You are so busy he must have known you couldn't have handled a wild one;)
It would be nice if they gave you a beautiful quilt as part of your payment when you're done:)
Hope you get some rest and that you have a lovely weekend..
Blessings, Jerelene

Rebecca said...

I have found that when we are presented with things in life, like a part time job to contribute to the family, we find that what we really have is so much more than making the money. Of course contributing is important, but perhaps this course will show you how important you are at home doing what you do best! I am in the same spot right now, and really didn't see it until reading your post today. God Bless you and your family, you are like a great friend full of wisdom that I can use in my day to day life.

Rebecca said...

MameyJane~ unfortunately, because these are for magazines, I can't share them here as they are being published and would spoil things. But be on the lookout in your favorite quilting magazines! ;-)

Abby~ I read that making a poultice of plantain leaves works wonders and that is just a matter of mincing it up very fine and putting it directly on the wound. Since plantain is so prevelant, we could have done it right there had I known. I also have heard a slice of onion works, but I didn't try it on Andrews eye. OUCH! We have a chickweed salve that works wonderfully for bites too....BUT, all these things are for stings and bites. I don't know how much they heal swelling.

abigail said...

Plantain is on the list of outdoor things the girls eat, but I'd never applied it topically. Taken internally, it's just not the same! :)

Last night, Millie and Pip ran into some gatekeeper wasps, and I had Millie run outside and grab some plantain leaves. It seemed to work about as well as baking soda or crushed touch-me-nots (jewelweed), which is to say, not magically.

What I need is a wand that will immediately remove the effects of the sting in its entirety, immediately. That's not asking too much, is it? Let me know if you run across one of those magical wands in your readings, and keep me posted on other wild remedies. I love to learn info. like this!

Anonymous said...

just one correction to your comment about your judahbear being the best little guy ever --

there's nothing "little" about him!!!!