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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photo Gift Tags

Been wrapping up a storm here. You?

When it comes to wrapping presents I find most people are in one of two camps: the LOVE it or HATE it camp. Not many people out there would say "Yeah, it's okay...."

So----which one are you? Do you LOVE it or HATE it?

I am a proud member of the emphatically LOVE it camp.

(for those in the LOVE IT camp~ don't you love the sweater wrap? A buck. From Target. Sigh.)

I love adding yarns, ribbons, pompoms, curlies, and even little gifts on top. I love using baskets and fabric and pretty boxes. I have been known to wrap a present over and over again with ribbon just because I can.

And THIS year, I got the BRILLIANT (ifIdosaysomyself) idea of using photos instead of GIFT TAGS.

It requires no handwriting (with the added plus that the non-readers can help pass out gifts without coming to ask who it is for!), looks fabulous and adds a whole new dimension of fun!

And because I am ridiculous in the amount of picture taking I do, I had EVERYONE on our list covered!

Some were funny, some were ridiculous, and some were just plain sweet. I know, in the case of the Grandparents at least, they might appreciate the photos as much as the gift!

You can cut them into shapes and back them with coordinated paper or, for the extra speedy~ just cut the photo into a tag shape and punch a hole!

Tomorrow I will share a few pre-Christmas glimpses from around home....but for now, I have fudge to make (Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it!). And cheesecake. And chocolate covered pretzels. And a hat. And a few other things for which I have no links.... ;-)


Matt said...

This is the best idea of the century.

...they call me mommy... said...

I'm in the "LOVE IT" camp, although this year, I was very lazy. I've been VERY minimalistic due to baby dear coming, I think!

Your tags are adorable and please, or pretty please take pictures of all those yummy creations and such!!! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

OH not OR

Terri said...

Those are the cutest things EVER!!! And I am definitely in the HATE IT camp. I'd rather have toothpicks shoved under my fingernails than wrap gifts. And mine look horrible too! Are you sure you don't want to come up here and wrap mine for me? ;-)

Have a Merry Christmas, Matt, Rebecca & family!

Riahli said...

Fantastic idea! I'm actually in the "yeah, it's okay camp" Haha! I tend to be a mixture of many things though. I don't like the waste of wrapping paper so I'm always trying to come up with better ideas, I tend to use a lot of fabric from my scrap bin... although this year I use more wrapping paper then I have in a very long time. I would say that the finished produce is also okay, nothing too fancy, but not horrible either. :) One of my favorite parts of Christmas is definitely not in the wrapping but the placing of Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas eve and filling the stockings in the quiet of the night. It puts a smile on my face for sure. :)

Oh and I tried that hair idea you posted of a while back {the one with a link showing how to do the vintage curls} and I love it! I showed all my friends how and many of them love it as well. You often have some really great ideas and links I must say!!! The first time my husband saw the curls he gave me the sweetest compliment, melted my heart... and needless to say I've done them many times since, haha!

Merry Christmas!!!

Rosemary said...

This is the best idea ever!

Nanci said...


You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. This is a fabulous idea!

PS: I have finally won Orangeblossom over to crocheting. In fact, I believe she's become an addict. (Hooray!!!!!) And like you, she's a natural.

A blessed Christmastide to you and yours, my dearest of friends.

abigail said...

Yup, it's brilliant.

We'll say it for you.