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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Flower Circle

Eight months ago, when we moved to our new home, I was bound and determined to bring my perennials with me.  I knew it was crazy, knowing how much I had to do (and flowers didn't even come close to making the list.)  But I did it anyway, crazy me.  I couldn't believe how big an idiot I was back then-but (famous last words:) I couldn't help myself.

At the time, since I had no time to plan landscaping or time to dawdle from one spot to the next, I just threw perennials in freshly dug holes all in the same area, forming a weird, awkward circle right smack dab in the middle of the front yard.  (It was the best I could do.)

Now, eight months later as I watch perennials bursting and blooming and a flower circle begin to form, I couldn't be more thankful to the stubborn Rebecca of that day.  And though they were just thrown in, I think they look *mighty* nice.  It makes a great spot to spread a picnic blanket and do our thing.

I have been adding things right along to my circle garden too. Thanks to a few yard sales, a church who had thinned plants for sale and a mighty generous neighbor who has overwhelmed me with kindness in the form of leaves and dirt (they might not be nice THIS year but oh, they will be GRAND next!), I haven't spent
more than $15.00 on adding over 20 different perennials!

Vegetable gardening is, in my mind, a whole lot of work!  It is rewarding in its time, but I do it because I must.  Flower gardening, on the other hand, is a whole lot of play.  It is my pleasure, pure and simple.

What to see it? 


Alrighty then.  Keep in mind of course, it is a work in progress.  And also that this is its early debut.  There is plenty more color to come through the summer!

This is the view from the road and driveway.  

I brought one clump of these beauties and split them up into several clumps last October.  So glad I did.  It is lovely to see purple everywhere!

This is the view from the front porch.  The only thing here when we moved in was the rose bush (at 7:00) and the lilac bushes in the background (that, by the way, never BLOOMED this year.  Talk about a bummer.)

Told you about the irises!  Also-plenty of calendula.  You knew I had to, right?

The children know exactly where the stevia plants are and it will be a challenge keeping them healthy all summer with so many little hands constantly snitching leaves.  Poor things.  (The leaves, not the children.)

zinnias and cosmos I started from seed.  More calendula too.  Sundrops and a teeny sprig of evening primrose.In the dirt behind that I planted some Blue Flax seeds.  I do hope they come up!

Between the lilacs and the road were some misfit rose bushes and a peony.  It was like finding buried treasure, the day I discovered them!

And the roses smell DIVINE!

The rose bush (at 12:00) is the one thing that was in the yard.  It is in dire need of a pruning.  Peonies, irises, calendula, astilbe, and a hydrangea are in this wonky bed.

Cosmos (started from seed), irises, outhouse bush and salvia in this little spot.

oh yeah-and moss rose too!)

Those are the things blooming these days.  Plenty more to come!

I have been surrounding the plants with cardboard (to kill the grass and weeds around it), topping it with wood chips and edging it with stone (that came up with the shovel.)  I bought a few bags of mulch and then realized there was no way I was going to be able to spend buy enough mulch to do the job right.  About that time the phone company came through and cut down stray branches near telephone lines and threw the chips in piles along the side of the road.  Whenever I get a chance, I go and get wagonfuls of it. 

Obviously, I have quite a few more trips to make.  And eventually, all these tiny beds will connect into one lovely flower circle.  But if there is one thing I have to learn....it is patience. 

And all of these things will take time...
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