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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Weekend of Hats


When our friends first had their barn burn down, our family immediately began thinking about ways we could somehow help.  The children, too, offered lots of ideas and made lists of their own.  Corynn, especially, took this all very seriously and wanted very much to help in some way.

One of the things the family lost was all their winter things so naturally, that seemed like a good place to start.  With fourteen of them- even just replacing hats, mittens, coats, snow pants and boots seemed a formidable task!


It so happens, I had a bunch of fleece in rainbow colors left from when I used to make and sell fleece baby wraps (see?  It pays to be a hoarder sometimes!) and it just so happens that fleece is a very easy material to work with for beginners.  So it seemed the perfect project for a mother and girl who just needed to be "doing" for our friends.

We made a lot of headwear that weekend!

It was kinda fun coming up with different designs and patterns, especially for the younger ones and the girls.  After all, teenage boys PROBABLY would appreciate UNDERSTATED.  ;-) 

Here are some of the designs we came up with:

This is her "Mama, I am cold- can I go in now?" look. 

 I didn't have time to do all crocheted things (that would have defeated the purpose of getting Corynn involved, anyway) but I did manage to make a hat for the Mr. of the family, as modeled by MY Mr.

For the teenage girls, I opted for ear warmers.  I couldn't see those stylish girls wearing beanies all winter long.

This one has a big black button that could be worn either in front or back.  
This one looks slightly dorky on me because I look more like a chemo patient than a fashionista.  But I snapped this picture on the way to the post office before mailing it- and a bun in back was what I had for the day, for better or worse.   With hair down, I bet it would be super cute.  Especially with the thick, gorgeous locks of the girls in that family!  Vintage-y turbans are all the rage now, so I hear.
This is probably my favorite of the bunch.  Give me glamour any day of the week.

And for the mother, I thought it only fitting to give her my prized blue knitted scarf that has taken me forever to finish!  I looked on youtube how to finish a knitting project off and put it in the box knowing it would be a perfect thing for the Mrs.  But first I had to try it on....
Proof I actually finished it!  The lovely, lovely thing.

 P.S.     The pattern for the fleece beanie is here (and free!) and has many neat variations (think: bunny ears!), in case you have some bare heads needing covering.  ;-)


P.P.S  The winner of the Bird's Nest Necklace from last weeks' DONATION contributions is......

Rhiannon B.  

(Congratulations Rhiannon!!!  Email me at sgrbear724@yahoo.com to let me know how many and what color eggs you'd like!)
Thank you to everyone who contributed this past week!  I am so thankful for you all! 

And for anyone who hasn't donated yet (or even if you have!)~ now is a great time!  

Any donations given this week (of any dollar amount) will be put in the drawing for a Brand New copy of the book The Practical Homestead.  

The book does have a small black marker line on the bottom paging edge put there by the publisher to mark it for a sale, I presume.  It is perfect in every other way.

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