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Friday, January 13, 2012

An Rx for WIP?

I have become a bit of a yarnie these last few weeks.

I forgot how awfully deterring it is not to have a sewing table, machine ready and waiting for your every whim. Even though I have plenty to sew up, for pleasure AND to mark things off my never-ending to-do lists, it seems so cumbersome to unearth the machine from that pile there under the cradle and find a place to plop it within reach of the ONE outlet each room seems to boast (and, as such, has already been loaded with plugs.)

Instead, I have found yarn to be my recent preoccupation of choice.

The problem is... I seem to be picking up projects as fast as I do strawberries in the spring. And being the slow crocheter that I am, the finishing isn't keeping up with the beginning.

(Matt was out of town and I snuggled in for some chickflick and crochet. There were candles lit , lots of pillows all to myself and I can't be sure, but chocolate mint ice cream may or may not have made an appearance. It was quite luxurious. Pardon the bare walls and curtainless windows. Not too homey just yet.)

A quick count, off the top of my head, of works-in-progress:

one of these dishclothes. For my sister. I only need the white rim around it.

One of these sweaters
. For Judah. In blue

A pair of mittens, minus one-but I don't know where the pattern got to and can't remember WHICH pattern it was on Ravelry. (egads!)

This hat x THREE. (Intending to make two for my girls but it keeps turning out INCREDIBLY SMALL. LIKE NEWBORN SMALL! I have increased the hook size and added rows but this vintage pattern is not doing me ANY favors.)

A knitted shawl. (Did you read the word KNITTED? !!!)

A knitted dishcloth (I am TRYING!)

Three of these bibs (just need the faces)

This copycat shawl was made using this pattern on Ravelry. The basic filet crochet shawl is done but I have not added the star border or fringe since I haven't found a pattern near enough and I am not clever enough to create one myself. I have been wearing it as is, until I decide to finish it. IF I decide to finish it.

This hat, for my nephew, to match his Christmas sweater. (I have the tiniest bit of yarn left to invert the sweater colors and make a brown hat with a turquoise stripe

And these Maryjane slippers. For me. Because I NEED them.

And that is just the projects I have ACTUALLY started. That does not include the projects I am ITCHING to start!!!

I have project piles next to my bed, next to BOTH couches, in TWO project baskets (to carry around with me) and even a project IN THE CAR. It's a sickness I tell you.

PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who has this problem?


Bonnie said...

A quick blurb: Downton Abbey. Fantastic movie, though not for children. Good to watch while Matts away. Trust me! I'll comment on projects when I'm not making dinner, but did you make the sweater you have on in that first picture???

Bill & Stacy said...

"RAising hand"! My name is Stacy and I am a yarnoholic. Ravelry DOES NOT help! I too, have projects everywhere started but not finished. Looks like you have some fun projects going on!

Tracy said...

I have many projects started, too. Crochet and sewing alike. And then I see another one and think, 'Oh! I need to make that one, too!' it is a sickness, indeed!

Laurel said...

Yes, me too. new to your blog. Found when checking out links on Breezy's website. Where have you women been the past four years. I think it is all in God's timing. There are people LIKE ME!!!!

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE it! :) How do you get these fabulous photos of yourself!!!!! :) I think I asked this before?!

I'm working on my dh's hat. This is my first project with knit AND purl and it's a bit sketchy ;) but he seems to like what I've done so far. I have yarn (a delish orange and delightful blue) to make both boys the same hat...probably for Christmas 2012! ;) I have so many projects floating in my head also but namely learning how to crochet/knit adorable little animals/toys for the kids! :) And food...oh my. Crocheted food is SO cute! :) Oh and learn how to knit socks & gloves...kinda difficult things.

No baby. :( My whole body is like one big "OUCH" right now. Doc is kinda wanting me to have it by next Tuesday or she wants to "talk" about inducing. :( I don't like being induced (& never have been). Starting next Wednesday though she is ON VACATION. :( WAAAA! I really want her to be there...I'm so comfortable with her, she delivered all of my other four. Anyhoo...covet any prayers! :)

Amanda said...

no, your not the only woman with this problem.

I just discovered that with a set of circular needles, I can knit while breast feeding...

I'm making around 4 dishclothes a day:)

Catie said...

I'm with Amy--how DO you get these great pics? I love the first one--what is that you're working on? Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my FAVE! I ate WAY too much while pregnant. It's embarrassing.

Rebecca said...

Everyone SAYS so but I notice no one has told me any of their WIPS.....I wonder if you all are just being kind....

Catie and Amy- TIMER TIMER TIMER! And it helps, too, to have a TRIPOD TRIPOD TRIPOD. (Though the latter isn't necessary since you could just prop your camera on books, shelves, tables, etc. But it makes things a WHOLE lot easier. ;-)

Rebecca said...

PS. My hubby got me a superb one for Christmas. It is the cats meow. MEOW.

And Bonnie~ no I didn't do that sweater. I have yet to make anything fitted for me. I have not been brave enough to devote hours and hours of crocheting to make something that may or may not fit/flatter. I am a wuss.

yours truly,

Wussy Puss

Catie said...

Oh yeah--my WIP consist of a knitted cowl, a hat, nursing pads for a certain pregnant someone *COUGH*, a felt nativity set, a knitted headband and I think that's it! I think..

Leah said...

I haven't worked on anything knit/crochet-wise in a while. :(
I hope to return to that wonderful state you portray in that picture in the living room (and I think it looks totally homey!) at some point soon. John will be heading out of town soon. Maybe then. :( :)

(p.s. I like Downton Abbey too.)

Leah T. said...

You are definitely not the only one with this sickness. It started for me about 4 years ago and just seems to be getting worse. ;) Although, in all truth, since my m/c in October I've found it very hard to want to be creative. :( Maybe with the eventual news of a new baby on the way I'll find some new motivation. Or maybe "just doing it" would help. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

I told you want I'm working on!! :) It's just buried in all my whining about my baby! ;) LOL! :D

Rebecca said...

Leah T~ It seems like YOUR WIPs result in beautifully knit finished masterpieces. I know, I SAW THEM. And, I'll give you too, that since you are SPINNING as well as knitting-your 'in progress' OUGHT to take longer than mine!

Sometimes just doing it turns into WANTING to do it. I say pick something you are really excited about and see if it might just turn into joy! I really need to write you. Maybe tomorrow?

Amy~ I missed you sharing your lists because Matt read your comment TO me and so it didn't "get" in my head like it would had I read it. Your WIPs sound wonderful (especially the womb one!). I am loving the crochet food out there too-and yes, animals are so dear. Intimidating, but dear. I actually even bought an animal pattern book last year and haven't done a thing with it. :-(

Leah T. said...

I'll do just that Rebecca! I'll start a wrap (Cambria Wrap on Rav) tomorrow that I've been wanting to make for a couple years. And maybe I'll finish that dishcloth that will be sent in a package to a dear friend very soon. (Along with some more homemade soap.) I'll give you 3 guesses who that dear friend is. ;) And I'd love a letter!!! Although, I think I owe you one first. Oh, and we need some in-progress pics of these projects! :D

Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I am knitting an infinity scarf for ME!!! then hopefully a hat for baby. i am terrible though i cant seem to do more then one project at a time or i go crazy. same with books i was reading unbroken, then Ina May's guide to childbirth came... had to read that before this baby, then ill pick up unbroken again.

-Bobbi : )

Leah T. said...

My boys have mentioned several times the shawl you were working on when you were here. They thought it was really neat that you were going to make it big enough to wrap around you. :) I'd love to see a picture of it sometime!

And I did pull the knitting out today! I have the dishcloth almost finished, only 10 more rows! I really need to start blogging again so I can share all this stuff there instead of in your comments section. LOL

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

OMGoodness! WIP's abound here! My sad BIG basket of things to finish overfloweth. LOL I have been working on a knitted sweater for my dear daughter, but I either need to get with it and find my original blueprint/plan or make a new one. *kickingmyselfinthepants*

I have a crocheted wool bag I've set aside to work on dishcloths for people who want them. I'm also working on a knitted baby afghan for a precious one. I also have a pair of socks to make for my dear daughter and one set to make for my youngest son...THEN maybe I'll be able to make a pair for myself. LOL But, I have carpel tunnel problems that slow me down, unfortunately. :(

On the *absolutelyawesomelyneat* side of things, I get to help teach the girls in the Keepers of the Faith class how to crochet and knit the second half of this school year. What fun! :)

And...on the curious side...those HUGE knitting needles in the first picture...what size are they?


Heidi said...

I love seeing all your crafts, especially the crochet projects. Did you make your pineapple afghan? Where did you find the pattern? It is beautiful!

Wendy said...

Did you make that blanket? It is REALLY pretty! I am crocheting a little blanket..nothing special...not for any special reason...I just wanted to feel crafty...(in a good way hehe!). I can't allow myself too many projects going on...I really need instant gratification..so that means my projects can't be too long either! It is good to see someone else enjoying some of the lost arts!

Rebecca said...

Regina~ those needles are 25 mm. What a great opportunity to teach girls. I love people who are willing to teach others....and wish *I* could be one of those girls if it meant learning how to knit socks. I won't ever declare knowing how to knit until I can knit socks.

Heidi and Wendy~ I didn't make the pineapple afghan-it was a wedding gift from Matt's Gram. Sometimes when I snuggle under it, I think about the fact that it was in this very house that it sat upon her lap as she was crocheting it for us.

Wendy~ does that mean, if, say, I were to host a ladies PROJECT Night, where women come with any project they might want to work on, that you would be interested in coming? Hmmmm?

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Thank you Rebecca, but honestly, there is so much territory I haven't covered in my knitting that I would love to get to. I don't know if it would be considered "accomplished" or even an intermediate knitter to make socks. If you know how to knit and pearl, count and follow directions, I'm sure you could do it. And, for the record, knitting and crocheting are very similar. The increases and decreases are done in much the same way. I guess the biggest hurdle for me was simply learning how to knit in the round. My joining stitch is always a little lose. I've just come to accept it. ;)

Youtube has some wonderful knitting tutorials, as does knittinghelp.com. I've learned on my own with those two sources as well as the Reader's Digest Guide to Needlecrafts that I found for $.91. LOL

I will say that I've absolutely loved working with Knitpicks "Harmony Wood" Double Pointed needles. Try a pair of them and you'll never go back to Wal-Mart needles, willingly. LOL

Wendy said...

Bring on the Ladies Project Night! I most definitely would be in...and would bring something tasty to share :-)