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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everything But the Kitchen Sink


 I am really stinking at this whole blogging thing in 2013!  It is mostly due, I think, to the fact that I spend my precious few blogging moments during "quiet time" doing something decidedly LESS fun...exercising. 


But! I have lost 13 pounds so far!  I think it is pretty ironic that I am telling you I lost 13 pounds and have posted pictures of the lard biscuits I made last week and the scones that are often my breakfast.  Weird, right?  But you have to understand- I don't believe in dieting.  I don't believe in living life without lard.

I am betting you might be wondering how I am losing weight then, am I right?  So here it is:

I started recording my calories using myfitnesspal.com. It is a free calorie counter or online food journal and has almost all the foods you could possibly imagine eating in it and their caloric/fat value.  It tells you how many calories you need to eat and it is your job to not go over.  I eat any food I want, but at the end of the day, I have to stop when I reach my limit.  Recording my foods has helped me to see just how much I am sacrificing for that cupcake.  Thanks to this, I happily stay away from those things that take up too many calories.  I'd much rather have 16 discs of ghirardelli chocolate and seconds on supper than a cupcake ANYWAY.  Not getting reimbursed for this recommendation (too bad!), just letting you know.

Also, I switched from the Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30 workout video that I hated (she is NOT a nice person.) to Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout video- which is so much more pleasant.  (HUGE understatement.)  One of the exercisers is named Rebecca, so the leader often says things like "Good job, Rebecca" or "Beckah's got a hop in her workout" and I pretend they are actually talking to me.  Dorky? yes.  Helpful?  totally.  I try and exercise three times a week but I only really HAVE to exercise when I overeat my calories.

It ain't no get-rich quick thing... those 13 pounds have taken me MONTHS to lose-- but even though I secretly DO want to see fast results- I would rather take it slower and keep it off than lose it quick and gain it back.  18 more pounds to go.  

Now- no more talk about weight.  ICK.  Who wants to talk about WEIGHT?


I am determined to blog today.  I started this blog post at 4:00am and it is now 1:45 and I sent the children out just now to enjoy this 69 degree January day for an hour before the looming grayness bursts into droplets.  Not so I can blog (surely, no!) but for them to get fresh air.  Yes...yes.

Thank you all for your kind concern on my back.  I am feeling just as spry as ever again- and I *might* have even tackled Matt without any serious repurcussions since we last spoke.  I will never take for granted a back that works properly and painfree walking again.  Ever.

I can not BELIEVE it is almost February!  Can you?  Craziness.  January and February are supposed to be my "slow months".  Those two months are the small window of opportunity between gardening/harvesting/canning season and handmade Christmases.  It is cold and I am reclusive and I don't even THINK about opening a gardening catalog even though they come practically every day. But sadly, this year---it hasn't felt slow at ALL. If I am going to get my "restful" months in, it better happen quick!  Any valentine plans?

Speaking of restful---

For you knitters out there- two questions.

1)  Do you knit in absolute quiet or can you knit with distractions....say, children running in circles around you and big kids asking whether or not they can have peanut butter crackers from the next room?  Is this something that is learned or must I resolve myself to only knit when I am crowned with gray and sitting upon an empty nest?

2)  What would be a good first "real" project that is not a dishcloth or a plain knit 1 row/ purl 1 row scarf?  The knitting class is starting on fingerless gloves in two weeks but a fat lot of good that does me TODAY.  Any suggestions?

And for you non-knitters~ whatcha making for supper?  I'm hungry.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a January in Review post...even though it seems sinful to have had a whole month pass.  See you then!


Anonymous said...
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Regina said...

Try going to http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory.php [page down] and you'll find so many wonderful patterns that you'll not know what to do first. Try something for your kitchen. If you need any help, let me know. I can send you my phone number if you need help too. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Rebecca!!!! 13lbs!!!! WAY TO GO, IDAHO!!! :D That is so great! I'm working on my weight as well and I have WAY MORE to lose than you...I'm in for the long haul!!! I am so excited for you!! :) For some reason, calorie counting or keeping track of has never worked for me...hmmmm....maybe I should try myfitnesspal again.

I knit with the lovely chaos all around me. Actually, that is ONE of the things that I love about it, is that I CAN do it with the kids around. Quilting, sewing, scrapbooking etc are harder for me to do, kwim? I want to make a cowl for myself for next fall/winter. I figure if I start now I *might* be done by then! :P I also want to learn how to do socks and then eventually baby sweaters, or and little toys...or and....you get the picture. Right now, I'm sticking to hats on a circular needle set. I can barely do that right...LOL!

I can't wait to see your January post!

Curious, did you receive The Surprise, yet?! ;) :D

Leah T. said...

I'm so glad your back is feeling better! And CONGRATS on the 13 pounds GONE!!! :D

January has flown by for me, too. And I expect February will as well. I'm hitting the de-cluttering/down-sizing hard core! It is overwhelming but it feels SO GOOD!

As to knitting, sometimes all I can handle when it isn't quiet is a dishcloth. Other times I get in the groove of a more complicated pattern and can focus just fine with all the noise. For me, it seems that if I just *try it* I do better than I expected I would.

As for a first "real" pattern a simple shawl would be fun! You could try something from this list, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=knitting&query=simple%20shawl&availability=free&sort=best&view=captioned_thumbs . They're all free and should be pretty straight-forward.

Even though I am a knitter ;), we're having homemade pizza for supper.

I can't wait to read your January in review post!

Oh, Scott will probably be calling Matt here within a few days.

ulli said...

Good to see you blog again, Rebecca. And... congrats on the weight loss! Last year I lost 40 pounds doing the same thing. Hubby lost 100!! We used sparkpeople.com which sounds like it is the same calorie counting type site you are using. Keep it up!!

Knitting... make something for yourself as a treat for losing weight! Scour websites for patterns. Join ravelry.com. Lots of free downloads there. I made a simple lace shawl pattern I'll look for and post a link if I find it. (lace means "yo" and "k2t" and "slip as if to knit" and "psso'--you can figure it out)

Kitting with distractions... if the pattern is easy enough I can do it. Otherwise I knit when I'm not distracted and enjoy the quiet, thinking, time.

ulli said...

Still looking for that pattern... in the meantime, check out the wonderful patterns on this site. purlbee.com

Pam said...

I just had to comment on this one. I cracked up at your dieting explanation... I feel just the same; and am working on a plan for the year that I might loose a little weight, but not necessarily loose myself; who I am what I enjoy etc.

I always thought Jillian Michaels didn't seem very nice, and now you have confirmed it. I appreciate your helpful hints. Good luck with the knitting; I do better at crocheting; although have knitted a little; yes, the basic dish cloth and scarf.

Leah T. said...

Here's a link to the pattern for the shawl you admired when you were here in September 2011. It's very easy and a great first shawl pattern! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-age-of-brass-and-steam-kerchief :D

Rebecca said...

Regina- I think the problem IS not knowing what to choose. And also- not knowing if I a pattern is too complex for me or not. But, again, I am used to talking myself out of things and working myself up over nothing. Thank you for the link!

Amy- you are off your rocker if you think you need to lose more than me. That's all there is to it. You look great. And no- not yet....(drums fingers together greedily)

Leah- GREAT JOB on your hard work! I am so proud of you! And I know it must feel SO good! Thank you, too, for the shawl link. And Matt will look forward to hearing from Scott any time...

Ulli- I am on ravelry. My username is sgrbear724. What's yours? And THANK you for the purl bee. I spent too long last night scouring every little letter on that page! Made me wonder how I have never seen it before! Thank you!

Pam- you are a SMART woman, it's obvious! :-)