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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

 I am pretty sure I mixed up the categories, but ah well.  Such is my mixed up life.


OKay.  This one is kinda funny too.  hehehe

This winter has been the winter of the cough.  The horrible sounding, long-lingering, worry-inducing kind.  One particular night when Matt was out of town, I let Adele' sleep with me.  Boy, did she think she was pretty special then.   Even sick she is pretty.  Adele' has recovered entirely, the boys are pretty much done but now it is Corynn and Papa's turn.  Love-r-ly.


With warm sunshine and brown earth showing, we've been letting the chickens free range after a long winter indoors.  They are mighty.happy about that.


For such a small body, she sure can pack away the food.  She had FOURTHS last night.


I am happy to report, for the first winter EVER, we put up enough huckleberries to last us through the winter!  We've been eating at least one berry thing a week since January and I have two more prized bags in the freezer!  I can't believe it!

In honor of the four zucchini-blueberry streusel muffins I should not have eaten this morning (but did anyway), I give you four photos of the same. 


I know I have problems.

round button chicken


Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

I love your post and pictures.

Thank you so much for the wonderful package in the mail. I was completely speechless and totally surprised.

...they call me mommy... said...

*drooling all over screen* THANKS. ALOT. ;) Those muffins look sooo delish! I really admire all your food preserving, growing, and the like, Rebecca. It is SO inspiring! :)

Bless ya!!

Bonnie said...

Ah yes, the sickies. And why I am suffering long all my friends to whom I owe letters. But yes, Miss Addie looks Bee-yu-tiful, sick or not. 4ths? I'd say yes she is feeling better: )

And Y.U.M.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I admire SO much all your skills when it comes to growing, harvesting, canning, and being FRUGAL. Just curious--when your familiy has the "sickies"--do you rely on home/homeopathic "remedies" or other natural fixes? Does your family go to the "traditional" pediatrician for immunizations and check-ups? I live in an area where there are many homeschooling families, and it seems many of them don't go the traditional route when it comes to medical care. Our kids are preschool age so we haven't made final decisions on homeschooling or not, but I AM amazed at the opposing "camps" when it comes to immunizations. You seem so well-informed about all this stuff so I'd love your opinion! Thanks Rebecca:)

Julian said...

Sweet little girlie! She must be in a growth spurt! Thoes muffins look really good. Ill have to Google a recipe. Have a good weekend.

Paula said...

Wow fourths! I have a hard time getting firsts into Ella. She's a grazer like her Daddy and even then eats very little -unless she's growing then she becomes a bottomless pit :)

Louise said...

Do you have your muffin recipe posted somewhere? Your muffins look delicious!

Rebecca said...

Megan- you are welcome. Thank YOU!

Amy- thank you. Thanks to a suggestion from a previous commenter, I have been writing down our two-week menu (in order to post someday) and only after having written it down can I see just how much I USE all that home-preserved stuff. I didn't really realize just how valuable it is until I realized how much I depend on it! SO yeah- you'll be seeing more of it! ;-)

Bonnie- I wrote you another yesterday so don't go writing anything NOW or you'll be outdated again tomorrow. :-)

Anonymous- The medical community is invaluable and the advances made in medicine are a great God-given gift, something I do not take lightly or for granted. I do feel, however, that it is growing increasingly apparent that not all aspects of modern medicine ARE either gifts or God-given. The fact that much of the advertising being done today is for health-care related items/medicines is one such obvious red-flag. (http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-204_162-329293.html)

In light of the society in which we live and the struggles we face today, I think it is especially important to do your own research and trust reliable sources, while realizing that all sources (and probably, most especially the COMMON sources) are not always reliable. Not just with medicine-but in every thing.

SO, as with EVERYTHING, knowledge and wisdom is necessary in determining what is good/right for your family and children.

If you were to ask me where our family stands it is this: we joyfully and thankfully use medicine when it is needed and valuable but respectfully argue it isn't AS needed as it is made out to be presently.

I am not one to run to the doctor at the first hint of cough or high fever.

If the children have a cough, as we endured this past month, I use as much homeopathic treatment as I can to relieve symptoms and watch carefully for any signs that tell me that things are getting worse or require more medical care. And if that point comes, I happily pack up the children and take them to the doctor. But in truth- my children rarely ever go to the doctor. They rarely need to.

I think well-baby visits are often hog-wash for the most part, because, again for the most part, I know when my baby is well and when things aren't quite right and it is at that point that I can take my child. Money is too precious to go wasting it on a nurse who can weigh and measure my baby (when I can do that at home) and have a doctor tell me he/she is healthy (when I already know that).

I think generally, we are an over-medicined culture. We are offered prescriptions when they aren't necessary and as a result, we build up resistances to them when they are. Millions of dollars are spent (per company!) telling us that we need to be medicated in some way/shape/form. Vaccines/immunizations are given without proper testing of long-term effects for silly things like ear infections. Contraception and partial birth abortions up to 9 months in-utero are being fought for under the guise of 'good medicine' when there is NOTHING good about it.

Now, more than ever before, we need to have wisdom and discretion as we make decisions for our health.

Louise and Paula- since I have the pictures, I will post a recipe soon on my recipe blog. I'll let you know when. 'Kay?

Leah said...

I have problems too -
I want four of those muffins!