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Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}



 Isn't the golden morning light the best?

I had a beautiful stained glass lamp in this spot, one I had gotten at a yard sale and that matched my painting so perfectly.  Well, in all its' gorgeousness, it was a bit.... top-heavy.  And my house is a bit...busy.  Never a good combination.  It has plunked to the floor too many times to count- this last time being the last straw. 

What a sad, lonely spot that little table was.  It made me so sad.  I realized though, that my gargantuan orchid could fill the spot nicely.  And it does.  It is a balm to my one-less-stained-glass-lamp soul. 


I DID it!   After so many of you kindly pushed me to stop WISHING I could do it and instead, just DO it, I made myself some homemade yogurt!  And you were totally right!  It WAS easy!  And it IS delicious!  This makes me very, very, very happy.

(Thank you for the much-needed gentle nudge!) 


Judahbear is wearing big boy undies almost exclusively during the day and has been for a few weeks.  Not to bed and I am still not brave enough for him to wear them to church but hey, it is progress! 

This picture isn't so much funny- and changing the occasional accident is CERTAINLY not funny- but those adorable little thighs and button belly?  Well worth posting. 

PS.  When did his thigh rolls disappear?!?!  :-(



As many pictures as I take, you would THINK my house would be swarming with pictures.  Not so.  I post them here and then, kinda sorta forget about them.  I should try and do better at that.  In the meantime, I get my "photo" fix with the kitchen photo wall.  Well, it is more like a bulletin board than a wall at this point- but it makes me happy anyway. 

round button chicken


Bonnie said...

Hey! I see us!
Your J.B. needs to tell my J.B. how its done. He's got the looking cute in undies part down, now he just needs the going on the potty NOT the floor/chair/bed/whereeverhemaybe part.

Share the yogurt wealth Lady.

Miranda said...

I made homemade yogurt for the first time this week as well! Then we got sick so I have yet to eat it BUT I did make it. It did turn out and it looks super yummy!

I am the same way with pictures too. I post them on my blog and then that is as far as they get. I did start Project Life last year and I love it! I just do not keep up with it like I should. With all my free time you would think I would be better at that. Hehe....

...they call me mommy... said...

Howdy Partner! How y'all doing? ;) We are back from Texas!!! Loved reading your seed post and this one...

Way to go, Judah!! :)

Abigail said...

Yippee to the yogurt! Also, that top picture is stunning.

Also, I just left life 14 identical comments on one of your posts trying to tell the world how trim you are before I realized you'd enabled comment moderation.


I was just SO EXCITED! :)

I spent so much time doing that that I need to get off this beast now without burying you under more comments (like about how adorable Adele' looks sleeping on your bed and how dusty Matt is and about the seed-starting-- seed-starting!)

I'm sure you're relieved. Thank goodness for comment moderation.

Abigail said...



I left life fourfeen fomments on your fost.
(But now there isn't comment moderation, and I'm confused.)

Rebecca said...

Bonnie- sorry it has taken me this long to get this link to you- but this is where I went for yogurt instructions/recipe. And it is great! My first batch was pretty runny but I was using storebought plain yogurt. After I began to use my own "starter" it thickened right up! I now double the recipe, using a full gallon of milk and it makes a bit over four quarts.

Abby- Thanks (x14!!) for your encouragement. I sure could use it. The scale hasn't budged in a month practically even though I've been working just as hard as usual (until the pukies and all-nighters hit, that is).

And because I was getting so many spam-bot comments, I enabled moderation on any post over 14 days old. Magic, huh?

Rebecca said...

I am a dork. I didn't actually leave the yogurt link.

Here it is.


Love, Dorky

Abigail said...

My comment is the same one you gave to Elizabeth:

Even if the scale doesn't budge, you're STILL making visible progress. Toning is obvious even if the scale is frozen!