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Monday, April 08, 2013

Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Andrew's birthday over the weekend and what a beautiful weekend to do it.  Ahhhhh, spring....I can feel your tip-toeing.  I can hear your whispers.

I do feed him, by the way.

Andrew has been a cowboy for so long,  I thought a change of perspective might do him some good.  I've wanted to make him a teepee for so long and really intended to for Christmas, but then never did (as usual).  I knew if I didn't do it soon he might outgrow the coolness of it before he could ENJOY the coolness of it.  Seven seems like such a teetering age, teetering between young and old.  But I just won't think about that right now.

Instead of unwrapping a present, he unwrapped his eyes.

The whole tribe.

 Since there are other little indians running around this place, I wanted to make it large enough to accommodate a whole tribe and/or some REAL play and not just sitting in it.   A great thought- but, it turns out, not very practical for a bedroom that is nearly the same size as the teepee!


I used these two teepee tutorials.  This one for the size/constructionThis one for the lacing/opening.  I used just over one canvas dropcloth...if you made it even the tiniest bit less huge, you could get away with buying just ONE dropcloth.

I made a fleece fire pillow, too, using the fleece supply that never-ends.


No underage pipe smoking happened during the taking of this photo.  Ps.  I love Corynn's expression.

We ended the night with another bonfire.  The edible kind.


Julian said...

TOTALLY awesome!!! How cool! Love the cake too! Happy birthday!
Ps. I have four boys my younger ones would like this!

Miranda said...

My 10 year old would love this! I bet Andrew is beside himself! You after one talented woman. :) I wonder how difficult this would be for a never really caught on to sewing person like myself?

Tracy said...


beth said...

as ever, just the cutest - every bit.
happiest spring to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

If I could have become a Mom I would have wanted to be like you. You (and your husband) are teaching your kids fantastic life lessons and having a blast at the same time.

Rebecca said...

Miranda- the first version (the one I used) is just a bunch of straight seams. The second version (the one I used for the lacing and opening) is completely NO SEW. I opted for the sewn one because I knew it would be bigger-but the no sew one looks pretty spacious too. Give it a go!

Anonymous- just about the BEST comment ever. Thank you.

...they call me mommy... said...

Holy Moley woman!! How COMPLETELY fun! :D Love it!!!

Feed that kid, would ya?? ;) Love the peace pipe! :D

Riahli said...

Wow! You are seriously amazing, and your kiddos are super lucky I must say. :)

Abigail said...


I love this enough to steal. You'll know where to look when it vanishes one night.

Your Very Own Thieving Chum.