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Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Ubersmart Math Facts

Summer school.  Every year I intend to have the children work a little bit on the 'tough for them' stuff throughout the summer in order to practice and improve before the new school year begins.  And every year summer gets away from me and the busyness of the season keeps me...well...busy... and those intentions rarely make it to reality.  Not this summer though!  Enter Ubersmart Software and their Ubersmart Math Facts Program.

Corynn still has trouble remembering her multiplication and division math facts and since I know that these facts need to be well memorized as a foundation for all future math work, I realize whether math comes hard for her or not- it just has to be done.  Those facts HAVE to be learned.  She has been using this program several times a week for about 20 minutes a day this summer.  This is something that she can do on her own, without my help, in order to prepare her for this coming years' math work.  Which means-- it is actually happening! (Apparently, I am often the common denominator for things not getting done.  Eek.)

Ubersmart Math Facts is program dedicated to the memorization of Math facts through digital flashcards.  There are several levels of difficulty and several means of practice to accommodate the varying skill levels.   Both addition/subtraction (up to the 9's) and multiplication/division (up to the 20's) facts are available for the needs of your pupil.  And these are given in several different forms.  There are dot cards (like the faces of dominos), keyboard entry and flashcard options for all skill levels as well as different modes~ the learning mode, practice mode, test mode, and competition mode.  Different modes offer both timed and non-timed capabilities.  Parents (and students) are also able to review and assess the child's work/progress through the REPORTS tab.

Ubersmart Math Facts is geared toward children in grades K-6 but is perfectly suited for the older child who struggles with math concepts and facts as well. (Like my Corynn.)  It isn't fluffy and flashy learning with dancing Panda's and singing seesaws.  It is, essentially, flashcards with fringe benefits.  ;-)

The best part about this resource is that it is NOT a subscription, where you pay for one student for a specific amount of time and then must REPURCHASE for any additional students or any additional time.  No.  With Ubersmart Software, you pay a one time payment of $24.95 for the downloadable program and then HAVE IT.  For the school year.  For the summer.  For next school year and NEXT summer.  For child #1 and child #2 and child #3 who is still dribbling in diapers at this point but will need math training eventually.  Eight or more children can use the program at one time!

 In order to use this program, you must have Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP.  No internet is needed to play, but it must be put onto a PC (no Mac or tablet versions are available).  You can access a free 30 day download from their website.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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