What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Burnt Orange and Mustard Yellow



I blinked the other day and the colors of summer, all bright and playful, had turned into the deep and fiery colors of fall.  One day everything was shades of pinks and greens and then the very next day all I see is shades of oranges and yellows and brown.

These days are pleasant to me- I absolutely adore the smell of fall.  I breathe in deep and the children follow suite- not really knowing why until- I see their eyes open wide and they too have discovered it.  The smell of fall.  I sleep better, curled into Matt for warmth but still with windows open and the outside sounds coming in.  The pumpkins in the patch are all on the small side and some quite green still.  The tomatoes are still ripening faster than I can get to them but I know that soon frost will be here and that comforts me some.  It has been a good and productive summer.

The problem I have now is that all of my canning cupboards and shelves are stocked full and there is no more room for jars.  The latest batch of tomatoes has no place to go but the counter- and they can't stay there because there are three more bowls of tomatoes to can and I need the room to take them from the canner.  And because I don't want canning jars on the counter to stay- I rather like getting to the sugar and flour without deep excavating.  So I have to be thinking about what to do about this...

I am actually thankful that it is such a poor year for apples- not a single bud on my (and very few local) trees.  I am nearing the end of my empty quart jars and have long since run out of space so I am thankful that canning is coming to a close very soon.  I am also thankful that the Lord amply provided apples last year.  We have enough jars for applesauce at least once a week throughout winter and plenty of apple butter too.  I do hope to be able to order my bushels of Crispins this year though.  I am desperate for some fresh (and dried!) apples to chomp on through winter.

With canning coming to a close, I can focus on other fun (and neglected) things.  Like making soap!  I found a recipe for cinnamon pumpkin that looks gorgeous and I have quite the accumulation of lavendar and calendula petals awaiting a free day. Like Christmas present starting and Halloween costume creating, curtain making for the childrens' rooms and stitching up some patchwork skirts.  I don't know why but patchwork skirts is something I have had an inkling to do for a long time...and of course, more time to do yarny things...and more time to READ.

The other day the children asked why we haven't been reading a family read-aloud before bed like we used to do.  They lamented that fact, saying how much they missed it.  It seems that family read-alouds always fall by the wayside in the summer- because the night comes so late and we all work and play into every last ounce of daylight and then fall into bed exhausted each night.  It is time to bring that back- I kinda miss it too.  Not sure what book we should start with...but I better think of one quick!

My girls and I are going away with my mom for an overnight this weekend to York, PA where I spent much of my little-girlhood.  I went to the store to see about getting some snack foods (treats that I never buy) for the car ride (and to leave behind for the boys in my absence) and scoured the shelves for some time before deciding to just forget it.  Snacks alone would have eaten up even my special 'treat' reserve.  I decided instead I would buy some apples (.88 a pound) and make dried apple chips and then make some marshmellow treats using enormous marshmellows given to us from leftover s'more making and granola/leftover cereal bits at home.  I will figure something out- and it will be for a fraction of the price and with exponential health benefits too.  I am glad I came to my senses- though those candy corns sure do look great.  They are my favorite fall treat- so good on top of a slice of cheese on top of a cracker.  Sweet and salty. YUM.

Because it will be a long drive, I also have to come up with something yarny to do that doesn't require too much attention/pattern reading since Mom and I will likely be chatting the hours away.  I am scouring my Ravelry favorites for ideas.  I think the problem is that there are so MANY options it is hard to settle on just one.  What do you think?  Any ideas?


Nancy Danelo said...

When I want to crochet on a trip without paying much attention, I just do dishcloths. They are small, necessary and if not too beautiful, they are just being used to scrub dishes anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rebecca, you are a South Central PA girl by birth, too! It's nice to have a bloggy kindred spirit! All along I knew it sounded like you had a lot of PA Dutch in you. I do really enjoy your blog and especially your pictures. And Fall does have it's own comforting smell. Keep the posts coming. Blessings to you and your family.

celina boulanger said...

details on that GORGEOUS quilt please...lol and on the cute flower buds..first pic in one of the last buds..

as always , wish you were closer...lol nothing but space here and empty jars..i'd love to trade..lol

such beauty in all these pics...

beth said...

deep and fiery colors, indeed - - so beautiful! and your shelves of canned food? wow!

Ulli said...

I love fall, too. The colors, the crisp air, and yes, the smell. Just saw those beautiful colors in Ohio when we celebrated my dad's 89th birthday. The hard work of the summer is so worth it when you see your shelves full of your canning! Happy for you!

Ulli said...

Saw this and thought of your girls


Leah said...

Hey old blog friend, long time no see!
I just stopped by and caught up on your blog for the past hour or so.

Now I remember how much I love your blog. Seeing your family pictures after such a long time, I couldn't keep from smiling.
And I can't believe how big Judah got! I almost didn't recognize him! And Corynn?? So tall and lithe and lovely. And Andrew, quite the little farm-man :D. And Adele, oh how she reminds me of my Lily in an obscure kind of way - they both have blue eyes and white-blond hair that never seems to get any longer, and that deep sort of look in their eyes.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. And thanks for the new inspiration to add more skills to my homemaking journey. (Now I just have to try cheese-making. I make yogurt and buttermilk and have even tried sour cream, but that cheese looks TOO GOOD!)

God's peace to you and your beautiful family,

Rebecca said...

Anonymous~ actually, I was born in Indiana but moved as a young girl to York where we lived for quite a few years. But I do have Dutch in me- just not Pennsylvania Dutch- HOLLAND Dutch! ;-)

Celina- that quilt was a Christmas present from my Mother-in-law who had some local Amish women quilt together a few feedsacks she had saved from her mothers' collection after she had passed away. A very sentimental and beautiful gift- and a treasure!

Ulli- thanks for that! It is great!

Leah- HELLO Missus! You must try the cheese queso blanco- it is as easy as any yogurt or buttermilk and is delicious crumbled on salads or (our favorite way) fried in slabs alongside your breakfast eggs. I'll see if I can get a recipe up one of these days- or google queso blanco! Thanks for popping by- it was good to hear from you!

Full of Grace said...

Who would have guessed that beautiful plum yarn project was mine! :) I love it Rebecca, Thank You! :)