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Wednesday, March 04, 2015


A friend of mine came over and we made soap last week.   We experimented with several different kinds of soaps and styles of soaps.

We added lavendar buds (that turned brown).
We made Amber Must, Lavender and Pina Colada scents. (The last was my favorite, the first was hers.)
We used metal molds and plastic ones.
We made soap 'cupcakes' using honey scent for the 'cupcake' and mixing pure cocoa for the frosting. (They look so real!)
We swirled in special soap pearly powder. (I LOVE that powder!)
We mixed coloring into half the soap 'custard' and swirled it in. (Pretty)
We added straight color to the already poured soap and swirled it in.  (I'm afraid we are going to wind up with purple hands when we use these bars.  Oops.)

The best part was that we found the most awesome soap recipe that is easier than making most dinners...you don't even have to monkey with temperatures!  (Score!)

Scratch that- the best part was the hours of laughter coming from the kitchen.  

That is always the best part.


sarah said...

Please share the soap recipe, the kids and I are looking into making some and there are too many to choose from, a trusted source would help in our decision! :-)

Your soap looks beautiful, I can almost smell it!!! Yum!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a friend that you can laugh with and fun with creating things! I certainly hope you realize that how blessed you are. Many stay at home moms feel very lonely and isolated, with no friends to speak of. So be very grateful for yours!!

Leah T. said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Scott and I have got to get back to making soap. We took a break before the move and haven't gotten back to making it. I'd love to know more about the soap recipe that doesn't require watching temps! :)

Ulli said...

I have always wanted to try soap, so I would also like the recipe. I've recently made hand cream, body scrub with Epsom salt, and vanilla extract. All super easy and fun. Maybe soap is in my future...
Your soaps look great! Love the cupcake soap--can almost smell it!

Rebecca said...

I am thinking about making soap as favors for an upcoming party- so I'll take a few extra pictures and post the recipe then. I should start the batches next week, so you won't have to wait long!

Anon~ I do know this and am thankful for it- though our times together are rare and I have plenty of isolated and alone times too- it is good to have those rare occasions to break things up.

Full of Grace said...

It looks like you had So Much Fun and I just love the look, smell and feel of homemade soaps. You have so much talent inside of you Rebecca! You are blessed :)

Heather said...

Yes, please share the soap recipe?

Abigail said...

I'll try one of those cupcakes, please. (They look a tad too real and inviting!)

I've got to make several batches of soap for my Alaskan brother (his request), and I'd love to try a new recipe, too, if it cuts out staring at the thermometer!

Renata said...

I was going to beg for the recipe- but saw it is promised! I would love to SUCCESSFULLY make soap (I have had a mighty big flop so far).

Michelle said...

How fun! The cupcake one is very creative.