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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christmas Past and Present (and my first handmade waldorf doll!)

Last Christmas I forgot to blog the gifts I had handmade.  For the most part, it didn't matter but in ONE particular case...I knew I still had to blog it! 

Because for years I have loved the look of waldorf dolls and for years I would read instructions and tutorials and then be scared off from making them.  But last Christmas I decided to ease into it gently with a blankie doll for my new niece.  That way, I could see how hard that adorable face really was to create without worrying too much about body parts.  

(The body of this doll is just blanket).

I am in love!  I used control top panty hose that had runs in them (the thick portion from the top) for the face and hands, flannel scraps for the fabric and the tiniest bit of eye shadow for the blush of the cheeks.

I used this tutorial for the head and this doll on Etsy for the inspiration.

I just love her.  It was hard giving her away- and that isn't usually the case for me!  I am sure there will be more waldorf-inspired dolls in my future.  I get runs in my stockings all the time...so there is no holding me back!  ;-)

Maybe someday I'll even be able to make some with awesome hair.

Speaking of Christmas gifts...

Back in January, one of my goals for the year was to complete one handmade Christmas gift each month.  Remember that?

Guess how many I have made thus far?


It is particularly important to get Christmas things done early this year since Tiddle is due the very week of Christmas!

I've got to get going on this and pronto!  I hope to have all Christmas gifts done by December 1st.  We'll see how it goes.  On the last day of the month, from now until November, I am going to blog all the Christmasy things I accomplished that month.  Hold me to it, would you?

This month will be a great month to refocus and make a real go of it because the garden is now officially IN and we aren't yet into the craziness of the canning season.  I have a few sweet weeks of less work ahead of me so I hope this will be a very productive month.

The Christmas list is happening TODAY.

And because I found these two pictures when I was looking for Colette's waldorf doll.... here is Judah modeling a superhero cape and mask I made for my nephew, David.  It was begun, finished and photographed about 30 minutes before leaving to go to the gift exchange. !!!

Is anyone out there planning or working on Christmas things right now?

Speak up, ladies!  I need some inspiration!


rebecca said...

The Waldorf doll is darling! They looks so difficult.

I'm definitely making superhero capes this year. I'm not a stickler for homemade but I've been garage sailing for Christmas gifts. Cheap and fun!

...they call me mommy... said...

That doll is DARLING, Rebecca! You know this is a year I'm seriously considering homemade IF I can do it with mostly things on hand and they have to be simple. Money being tight and the move and all. We will see. My problem is that Amos' side always takes FOREVER picking names. ;) And I don't know about my family - they are the electronic/big ticket people (I still love 'em, though! :D ). Maybe I will make one homemade item and give them each a book as the other. LOL ;) Me and my book giving! ;)

Anonymous said...

I did a craft the other day that the whole group enjoyed. (I mention that because the ages ranged from 77 yo great granny to 4 yo grandson) I got some oven bake sculpty in terra cotta color and some waxed cotton and some small beads (other beads and string scrounged to round out the choices) to make "aromatherapy" necklaces. You put essential oils on them. As we were making them we thought of using them in closets, cars, and drawers too. I used an online youtube and web directions too but found a bunch of ideas on my own when I started thinking about it. The kids (4-6-8) are all boys and they stuck with it and were quite good with their ideas.
so, that's an idea.