What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christmas in July. Now, August.

I always think I will have time to take pictures of things before a party begins but I never do.  I fully intended on taking pictures of the food I made to put on my sorely neglected food blog.  (But I didn't.) I always tell myself I need to take pictures during a party of the people who have come...the people who are part of our lives.  Their laughter.  Their smiles.  The moments of deep conversation and silly goofing off.  These people who are a part of our lives and who we are...they deserve some photographs right alongside those flowers, food and corners that I normally snap pictures of- in moments of boredom when I have nothing to do but take out my camera.

Well intentioned or not, I never take before party pictures.  No matter how well-prepared I am for partying or how early I begin the prep work, I am always working up until the last minute.  I rarely take during party pictures.  At least not the caliber I would like.

These few are my rather stunted attempt at doing better at snapping photos during the party.  The above photos (excepting the ones with rain) were all taken in one five-minute span of "Oh!  The camera!  I should take some pictures!"  And then the camera was forgotten. I got on with the eating, visiting and playing a few games of volleyball.  I'm not very good at volleyball, mind you, but I do love playing that game.

We had out of town guests spend time at our home on the days leading up the party.   At the beginning of last week, I got a sty on my eye.  Anyone who has ever had a sty knows they love to hang on for a week or more... so not fun to get right before a large gathering of people.  Then, the day before company arrived, the farmer down the road FINALLY mowed the hay.  (YAY!)  This resulted in waking up the next morning to allergy meltdown full force. (SO not yay.)

 I had to run to the store (I forgot our dog ate our other volleyball!) with handkerchief firmly pressed against my nose throughout Walmart.   Glasses.  No makeup (because, really, WHY?!?) Drippy.  Swollen.  I saw a few people I knew while shopping. (Of course.)   I was a watery, raw and red-faced girl when company came.  I made stir-fry and rice for supper that night and the making of it took twice as long as usual due to the five minute gaps of sneezing/washing my hands before touching food again.  Had it been my own family, they would have gotten the sneeze germs... but with company and all, I decided to be more high-class during the food production.

I spent the week holding chamomile tea compresses on my eye which eased the pain but not the ugliness of the sty and the day of the party my face was raw and chapped on my lips and under my nose from my bad allergy day and my eye was swollen and red.

Vanity.  All is vanity.  Got it, Lord.  Thanks for the lesson.

Sunday afternoon the rain poured buckets and buckets as I cleaned up the tables, chairs, sawhorses, etc. from the party.  There is something supremely comforting about summer rain under the protection of a porch.  And a picnic table full of canning jars full of flowers, too.

July is over.  The July parties are over.   It was a fun month, it was a busy month.  But I am excited for August.

I have not a single commitment on the calendar for August so far (I know this will not last) and it feels pretty great.  My hopes for the month are to swim, to finish some long overdue baby gifts, to swim, to sort through some bins of clothes in the Granary, to pick blueberries (that's tomorrow!), to swim (did I mention swim?), to sew something-anything! (my sewing machine awaits on the dining room table as I type) and to fit in a date with my Mister.  I am dreaming about a kayaking on the lake at sunset sort of date. Sounds pretty perfect.

 August!  Come quickly!


Christina Gomez said...

Oh my you poor thing! It looks like yall had a good time. Sty and all. I know you're very thankful for the porch. Get some rest and that date with your Mister....sounds wonderful.

Christina Gomez said...
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debbie said...

Boric acid I think my mother used for stys

Leah T. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful month! I just love, love, love your new porch!!! And I'd love to add a visit with you to your August calendar. I'll talk to you more about in an email. :)

debbie said...

when th e baby due