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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First Harvests


We've gotten two beautiful heads of broccoli which Adele' promptly chopped up for a party dish a few minutes before company arrived so I never got a picture of them in their glory.  But they were beautiful.  

I have been slowly but surely thinning the beets, radishes, carrots, lettuces which has been resulting in just the perfect amount of greens per meal.  Radishes are a new crop for me.  I planted some several years ago- more to distinguish the rows of carrots than anything else- but I just wanted to give it a go.  They are so beautiful and vibrant!  Turns out, Judah loves them raw and roasting them in a cast iron pan on the grill makes for a totally delicious vegetable.  I put some of the radish greens on top of our pizza Friday night and in pasta with scampi sauce on Sunday.  How do you eat your radishes?

I made myself a salad the other day and I thought Wow.  This looks delicious.  And then I looked again and realized it may only look delicious to a pregnant woman...a salad with both raisins and olives on it?  At the same time?  For this pregnant lady, it hit the spot.

Oh- feasting like kings.  First cucumbers never taste better.  First peppers- sublime.  That first brush of fresh basil after so long of the frozen, sloppy pesto.  Still waiting for first tomatoes and squash but there will be nothing like them when they get here.  

Now is the fun part.   Enjoying the goodness from the garden but not being overwhelmed by the chores of stuffing the abundance into jars or crevices in the freezers.  It begins!

Also- I need to begin the yearly cleaning out of the freezers.  I am not sure how it happened exactly, but there is a remarkable amount of food left in our (several) freezers and I'll be needing to make some room for, Lord willing, lots of garden abundance, in the near future!


debbie said...

Have a food party

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous! I lost everything except a few beans and the basil, but after almost 2 solid months of rain, what do you expect? (I might still have some pumpkins, dukes and cakes, but I can't tell what they're doing for sure). I'm going to attempt a late crop of zucchini and cucumbers, and hopefully give a fall garden a go. In the mean time, I'll live vicariously through you : )

lydia.purple said...

radishes... slice them, add some apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper.

i absolutely get the olive raisin combo.
i create weird salads all the time. mostly mixing sweet fruit with veggies and herbs, combos no one knew :)

my favorites:
1. egg salad with onions, red bell pepper, pineapple and curry powder.
2. red cabbage, mango, apples, cucumber, raisins, mint leaves, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and some honey - vinegar.

Rebecca said...

Bonnie- despite these shining few pictures...much of the garden looks sad and drowned and plenty of things didn't survive. I feel your pain. Curious- what are dukes? Was that a typo for cukes? Or maybe there is a royal vegetable needing to be planted in my garden next year? ;-) I have plans for a fallish garden too- because there is plenty of empty space since the corn crop came up so sparse and there are empty spots of death that could at least be given new life for kale and peas and such.

Lydia- Thanks for the radish suggestion. Totally trying it. We eat cucumbers that way so...why not? So glad I am not the only 'weird' salad eater. Your #2 sounds pretty much amazing.