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Monday, September 21, 2015

Big Vacation: Days 2&3

The day after Baltimore, we headed further south to a sandy beach on the Chesapeake Bay.  I had googled fossils and shark teeth beaches and this one seemed to be a hotspot.

My children have never been to a sandy beach before...even if it was only brackish water and not the 'real ocean', it certainly gave us a taste for it.

All except for the jellyfish that kept floating up on shore.  They were probably dead or dying but I got stung a handful of times anyway.  Even if they were dead/half dead, their stings HURT!  I never even swam, I was just so intent wading and searching for shark teeth, I didn't see them coming.

The kids didn't really like swimming in the water either, after I got stung the first time.

So we played in the sand.

I made a mermaid.  The kids made fortresses or buried each other alive.

And we DID find shark teeth!  (And many other little treasures...)

Matt found the first few teeth which I had determined that *I* would do, so every time he called out he got one I inwardly growled.  He found them first but his were all small.  I found the two biggest ones- so there, Mattie!

After a lovely, long leisurely day at the beach we went the motel.  I made sure this one had a pool we could swim in... no one was afraid of swimming then!

The kids fell asleep faster that night (and I laughed when Emily mentioned in the comments of the last post that they hide out in the bathroom because that is EXACTLY what Matt and I did both nights!  Not the most romantic of places, a motel bathroom, but it worked.)

The next day we headed home but stopped at Gettysburg for a little jaunt.  We walked around the shops downtown and the visitor center and then, because we were so beat (I never realized how exhausting vacationing is!!!) we headed home.

A really, truly trip to Gettysburg will have to happen in the future because I have been there and it is an amazing place.  Walking the visitor center and some downtown shops doesn't even remotely cut it!  My boys (all three of them!) would go NUTS if they new what Gettysburg really had to offer.

But we were so tired and so ready to get home we just...did.

 I'll show you pictures of how we spent the rest of Matts' days off tomorrow- 

Here's a hint: we stayed home and worked!  ;-)

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Ulli said...

Glad to hear you had a great family vacation! Love all of your pictures--the children look like they're truly enjoying themselves, and so happy! Gettysburg is one of our favorite places--the three boys will love it. You can camp somewhere in the area to save some hotel $$, I think--don't quote me--not sure. :)