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Friday, September 25, 2015

Tiddle's Third Trimester

I feel sad that I haven't documented this pregnancy as much as I would have liked but the truth is, this whole pregnancy I have felt pretty much too chubby and unlovely to want to document it for posterity.  Who wants to remember double and triple chins and ginormous upper arms and legs?

So, as I usually do, I stay BEHIND the camera and not in front.  But really- I'm in my 3rd trimester now and wasn't *I* the one who so desperately longed to be pregnant again?  Yeah- that was me.  So, I owe it to Tiddle to at least give a it a go once before the actual cuteness arrives.

I took almost 50 pictures and these are the only ones that I didn't resemble a whale.  And yes, I absolutely only posted the pictures that were the most flattering.  Sorry.  (not.)

The children were away helping the grandparents with chores when I decided to finally do the dreaded deed- because the only thing more awkward than posing for photographs is to do it while being watched.

This is my "THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" giggle and it was taken about 20 pictures in.

This is my "if I look up my double chin won't be as noticeable" and it helped...I just kinda forgot for a moment that staring blankly into thin air is awkward in its' own right.

Nothing is over there, either.  Just didn't know where to look is all.

I know!  I'll do one of those window silhouette things.  My body in deep shadows can only be a good thing, right?  

Not necessarily.  One out of another 20 or so.

So- that is me and Tiddle.  27 weeks along.  (28 in two days!)

At least I look pregnant this time.

As hard as it is feeling so awkward and huge and unlovely~ I am so thankful that my body is strong enough to grow a little person (that, my friends, is miraculous) and that mine has done such good work in the growing of five little wonders.  

Body, you've served me well.  

Now to see the real star of the show...


(Ankles crossed.)

My sister says I carry like I am carrying a boy.  Matt thinks it is a boy.  The girls say it is a girl because, well, that is what they want most of all.  Personally, I am just hoping it is not a hobbit- by the size of that foot, I am a little worried!

My favorite part of the ultrasound was watching Tiddle slurp up the amniotic fluid.  His/her mouth would open wide open, the tongue would stretch out and then go back in and the baby would do it all again and again.  Here is what I saw, in action.  (BTW- if you are pregnant, or even just interested, this website is pretty incredible.  The children and I have spent more than a little time watching those movies each week, following along in Tiddle's growth.)

The tech was super nice and printed a picture for each of the children with a heart word bubble coming from Tiddle's mouth saying hello to each of them by name since she wouldn't allow me to videotape it. 

And she tried to get a good facial 4D picture for me but Tiddle was kinda hiding behind the placenta (that big thing covering part of Tiddle's face in the lower left hand corner.)   Tiddle wanted to give a wave anyway and you can see his/her little nose right underneath the thumb.  



Christina Gomez said...

Sweet. Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful women. You are blessed.

Christina Gomez said...

Sweet. Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful women. You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I am guessing girl!


Catie said...

You look great! What are you talking about?! We always feel worse than we look, I say. :) It's nice to some prego pics. ;o) Can't wait to see the baby!

Rozy Lass said...

You look wonderful! And you can't tell the sex by how you carry, which is dependent on where the egg implants. So glad you are healthy and all is well. What a blessing to be able to have children.

Mary P said...

I am so happy for you and your family! Every baby is such a miracle. One of these days I will write you a real letter - but in case "normal life" delays that another 6 months I wanted to say hi and congratulations again :-)

Mary P said...

I just had another precious baby boy myself and so during my midnight feeding time with him I'm catching up on my blog reading, which I haven't done for months. I love looking at all your photos and hearing about your family :-)

Terri Cheney said...

You look lovely, soft and beautiful.

...they call me mommy... said...

Awww. Love 'em! So excited for you! :)

Ulli said...

Love this post! I've never seen 4D ultrasounds, so thank you for posting the link. But you said there was a woman with ginormous arms, legs, and double chins in the post. I don't see her. All I see is a beautiful, glowing, expectant mamma.

Rosemary said...

You look beautiful. Take more photos of yourself during this pregnancy. They will mean so much to you and to Tiddle one day. You are blest.

Courtney said...

We never found out the gender with any of ours but I've carried all of my girls like basketballs in the front and with my boys I've been sort of chunky all over. I only had one 4D ultrasound and I knew he was a boy because he looked just like his brothers! I think you look great! You've got that happy glow about you!

Jamie Allen said...

you are one beautiful pregnant woman. as women we are so hard on our own apprarance and honestly, you do not resemble a whale even a little. i see no extra chins. these are stunning photos. your legs and arms look great! go look in the mirror and see what we all see. a beautiful pregnant mom!

Regina said...

Hello again dear friend! I'm sorry I've been so absent for the past 6 or so months. We've been packing, doing projects around the PA house and finding a house in Georgia! We have moved now and are trying to sell our PA house which with lots of prayers there may be someone interested tomorrow! :)

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on your little Tiddle. I didn't realize you were expecting again. What an awesome blessing! You look fabulous dear!

I just wanted to share one more thing with you before I sign off...my beautiful daughter is 18 now and is 6' tall. Whenever she has body image issues with her height, I reference you for her sake. She finds solace knowing that she isn't alone. ;)

I'm trying to blog once a week again so that my PA friends will be able to keep up with us. :)

Trying to keep up,
God Bless,

Stefanie said...

I'm so glad you took these pictures! And thanks for sharing them. I know you will be glad for them in the future. I think it is something to do with being pregnant that makes one feel like they aren't so attractive. You look great and I hope your celebrating it. I can't believe you are so far already. Hang in there!

Full of Grace said...

I only guessed, I truly have no idea and look forward to seeing if Tiddle is a wee miss or wee lad ;) Most likely because I said I thought he was a boy he will decidedly be a she ;) Regardless, you are beautiful, whether you believe me or not. Number one because you are.. Number two because you are pregnant, and being pregnant itself is beautiful, and Number three because God created you in His image and for that reason you are very beautiful :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement and compliments. It is hard to put yourself (and your body) out there when you feel less than stellar but, like Rosemary and Stefanie said, I know I will be happy I will have taken them, if only for Tiddle's sake.

I do feel compelled to reiterate, for all those overly generous ladies out there, that I took more than 50 pictures so you obviously didn't get to see the 'real' me. Trust me, there are chins aplenty. :-)

Mary P.- wow! That happened fast! ;-) Many hearty CONGRATULATIONS! I am on my way over to see if you've posted a picture!

Regina- a move! That is big! I will be envying you this winter when I have to endure a PA winter and you are in lovely, warm Georgia!

Mary P said...

Okay Rebecca I've posted now ;-) You see how diligent I am about maintaining my blog. If you ever feel like you're not posting often enough just remember me and you'll feel like a supermom.

Lovie said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!! I haven't been on your blog for so long I didn't even know you were pregnant!! WOOHHOOO!!! YAY! Congratulations!!! Do you have names picked out? Is Churchill still on the list for a boy? ;)

Abigail said...

And I feel compelled to iterate that at this point, you hadn't even gained enough for an Abigail-approved FIRST trimester.

You are absolutely beautiful, of course, as is Tiddle, both of which go without saying, but I say them, anyway. You'd be gorgeous even if we could find that mythical second chin you keep going on about. ;)