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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Handmade Halloween



Halloween is over?  October is gone?!?  

Not sure how that happened- but I am not entirely comfortable with it.  Halloween has always been, in my mind, the turning point of the season.  Days leading up to Halloween are just blissful Autumn days- nothing to do but enjoy the crispness of the air and the crunch of the leaves and the glorious deep colors stretching from the woods to the hilltops.  Snuggling under a blanket in the evenings chill but warm enough to run around in the sunshine without coats.  

After Halloween it's all lists and countdowns.  Children giving the daily countdown to Christmas, two birthday girls counting down to their day (or having it done for them, in the case of Ineke Beaneke), Thanksgiving feasting, and handmade hustle and bustle, parties, get togethers, sweets, FUN! 

 The day after Halloween you blink and all of a sudden it's January!

But back to Halloween...it was fun!  I only had to make a 'statement piece' for most of the costumes and I finished all but Andrew's costume the day before Halloween.  So, relaxed.  Just as I like it.

I practically begged Adele' and Judah to be Cindy-Lu Who and the Grinch this year.  Their personalities (and looks) just seem so perfectly fitting for the characters and I have wanted them to do it for several years but some other creature always won out.  I knew Adele' would soon be aging out of "Little" Cindy Lu so I begged, I admit it.  I also bribed with fake eyelashes (only half!) and dyed green hair.  There, I said it.  So glad I did though- it wasn't long before they were completely on board with the idea and eagerly anticipating the costumes...and of course, they were beyond thrilled with the end result.  I discovered with Adele's costume that I have finally exhausted my supply of red fleece fabric but it worked out so well that when I went to buy more there was a remnant the exact size I needed that was on sale 50% off and then 50% off again (because it was a remnant).  It ended up costing me only $2.00!  The green fabric was a bit more expensive but with a 40% off coupon and then a 20% entire purchase the Grinch costume was pretty economical as well.  I loosely sewed the white boa on the cape so that after Halloween I can turn it into a less- Christmasy cape for Adele' to wear more often.  

Corynn chose to be the Phantom of the Phantom of the Opera.  She had just what she needed in her dressers except for a mask and a cape.  Joann fabric had black velvet from anywhere between $19.99 and $29.99 per yard.  HA!  Thankfully, we happened to have a black velvet dress that I was considering trying to consign.  Instead, we made a cape from that (it worked so well, the bottom was already hemmed and everything!).  I made a mental note to be sure to keep fancy fabric handmedowns even if we don't anticipate wearing them.  Who knows when they may come in handy?

Andrew was Daniel Boone.  Not at all surprised by that~ though Daniel Boone lacks famous characteristics like a tin pot (Johnny Appleseed) or a coonskin cap (Davy Crockett) so many people weren't quite sure who he was meant to be.  A lot of people think that Daniel Boone wore a coonskin cap but my boy read that he, in fact, HATED them and refused to wear any such thing.  That was an adaptation from Disney, so I was told, and so NO COONSKIN CAP.  (Yes, he's a bit passionate about his facts.)

The baby got to be a circus lion again.  I had plans for something different but then thought how foolish I would be to make a different costume when I had one already made.  Seriously?  I have nothing better to do?!?  ;-)

We only went to houses of people who ask us to come every year and the children still made out like bandits.  Now, I just need to refrain from eating all of their candy!  

Better watch out Biggles, looks like Ineke is pretty excited about that candy too!
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