What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Day After the Election (and a call to war)



I don't know about you all, but this morning when I woke up I didn't feel at all satisfied with the outcome of the election.   Sure, I was pleased that a staunch baby-murderer would not be the leader and representative of these United States.  The countless little lives that will be saved is reason enough to rejoice on that fact.

But I am not exactly thrilled with the alternative, either.  Christians are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Not just stuck- wedged in there so tight that we are losing the feeling in our toes.  

This morning as I read the results of yesterdays' election I felt the exact way I knew I would feel regardless of the outcome of the election. 

 "Lord, have mercy."   

The fact is, that whoever was elected would not, could not 'save' America.  It would be ludicrous to think so.  Because our problems aren't just about open borders, a teetering economy, corruption, threats to liberty and life... they are much deeper, much more profound.  We have, as a nation, turned away from God.  And no person can turn that around for us.   Only one thing can do that, repentance.  No president can do that, only Him... and the government is upon His shoulders.  

There is only one way forward, there is only one way through the muck.  It is UP.

What can we do?  We can feed our babies and wipe their noses.  Hug our incorrigible boys.  We can make delicious food.  We can encourage our husbands.  We can love on our girls and show them what beauty is, means.  We can read the Bible after dinner and wake up singing.  We can take soup to our neighbors and forgive those who say nasty things behind our backs.  All little things.  Right?  Wrong. Inconsequential?  Absolutely not.    These are the things that strengthen people and point toward Truth.  And people fill families.  And families fill communities.  And communities are what this nation is made up of.  And this nation needs Truth.

A few excellent things to ponder on the day after the election:

A Liturgy for Election Day
And this:  


theycallmemommy withapileofbooks said...
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Amy Marie said...

Amen, Rebecca. I have a letter almost ready to go out to you! Finally.

Regina said...

Very well said dear friend!

kay said...

I have a respectful question for you. Are the lives of the unborn worth more than those of the living? I understand the hard situation Christians are in - but how do you elect a man that preaches hate and violence? Who says "bomb the sh*t out of them", and promises to use torture? I can't think of less Jesus-like behavior. I also understand the sentiment that we have turned away from God. But what about those that believe in a different God? Are their rights less important than ours? Did Jesus say cast out Muslims or Buddhists? I am by no means being confrontational - I am honestly interested in your response to these questions. To be honest, no one in NYC feels this way and I want to understand what happened.

Stefanie said...

For all the flaws, at least he did not hang our special forces out to die, or commit any crimes.
And remember the Clintons have paid for abortions and have an open marriage.
God can most especially work in the heart of our president elect (re: his words and heart) if we pray for it.
I do believe him that he aims to serve, and I pray that God will guide him.

I hope that helps at all, and I'm glad you shared your feelings, even if they are not the same as mine, I had never though of it in this light.

Peace for America!

kay said...

And thank you for your answer. We will disagree on this (Trump has had many affairs, and has committed crimes, including some with pending trials, as well as defrauding US veterans by raising money in their name and not giving it to them) but am open to hear other points of view, and respect your right to them.
I am just saddened by the hate and vitriol this candidate has encouraged in this country. My city (which knows him better than anyone) is in mourning. I hope you are right.

Peace to you

Rebecca said...

Kay, thank you for the thoughtful questions! I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my ability and am thankful for the opportunity to speak within a kindly forum on the subject. This has been one of the most emotional elections I have witnessed for all involved but there is no reason why discussions can't be done with love. As you have so proved. So thank you for that.

I will answer your specific questions out of order a bit but I hope to get to all of them in a round about way.

First I will address the somewhat spoken/somewhat unspoken question of how I can support/like Donald Trump. The simple answer is I don't. I find the man utterly detestable, myself. I don't like much of what comes out of his mouth, I don't like his associations or his gaudy ostentatiousness, his crassness or his temper. I will find it very hard to defend some of the things that Trump has said (so I won't) but here is the very important thing to know....

What Trump says out loud- Hillary says, does and acts upon behind closed doors.

Media bias is such that it is very hard to hear the truth about Hillary Clinton. I would encourage you to watch the documentary Hillary's America and the Truth of the Democratic Party (I watched it from Redbox but I am sure Netflix has it. Or it can be found here http://www.dineshdsouza.com/movies/hillarys-america/ or at Redbox/Netflix) or read The Truth About Hillary by Edward Klein (Any of his books on the subject for that matter- very enlightening). Definitely take the time to read/watch these things but in the meantime, the documentary on youtube called Clinton Cash is accessible this very minute and has some good things to think about as well. You will soon discover that behind Hillary's facade, there is a hothead who thinks only of herself, makes choices to further herself at the expense of others, and does NOT believe in freedom OR equality OR 'togetherness' as her campaign flouted. It isn't an either/or presidential candidate but more both/and than I would like to think. And the caliber of our choices of representatives clearly shows us how far this nation has gone down the rabbit hole.

(...too long a comment, more in a minute!...)

Rebecca said...

You asked about those individuals who believe in other Gods. Do they have rights? Specifically in the case of other gods such as muslims, buddhists, etc. Since I believe that there is only ONE triune God, I would be a very poor Christian indeed if I were to say that their false gods are equal to mine. Do I believe those people ought to be cast out? Blown to bits? Absolutely not. They are image-bearers of God, they are His creation and so they have the same God-given rights as I have. As a Christian, though, I am called to love my neighbor, my brother AND my enemies and loving means telling the truth. I do not love my neighbor by saying their false gods are true Gods. I love them by telling them the truth of the gospel- for that is the only way to salvation and eternal life. We are called to 'sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence... (1 Peter 3:15) Gentleness and Reverence. Not casting out or blowing up. Loving and Truth Telling.

As all people are made in the image of God they most certainly do have rights. When I refer to 'rights' I am not talking about gay 'rights', abortion 'rights' or any other man-mind contradictions to God's way. I am referring to the certain 'unalienable rights endowed by our Creator'. Life being the first and foremost one.

All other rights are dependent upon whether or not you survive to claim them.

You cannot decide which life is more important...unborn or already living. That is a false dichotomy. They are both alive. Put differently, would you say that blowing a bunch of people up is better or worse than ripping them up piece by piece (in infant form)? Would torturing an adult be worse than torturing a baby? Would anyone agree to that choice? Absolutely not. No question. Both are wrong. Both are heinous.

Lives, whether preborn or postborn, are equally valuable and ought to be protected. Not one more than the other- but with fervent and utmost care to all. To choose one life over another life is subjective and anything subjective can not fare well as law. (Moral law or other.) If a choice is made between the value of one life over another, then life becomes life only when one says it does. The result is that pre-born babies get murdered, old people get euthanized, disabled people are done away with and then Hitlers and Stalins and Sangers are perfectly justifiable in their actions. Because their subjective view is that it is okay to kill people who are Jewish or Russian, African or needy in some way. And it is all okay because SUBJECTIVELY, they believe it to be true. (History and our present day issues has proven this to be true time and time again.)

But all people, regardless of age, descent, color or handicap are image-bearers of God and thus, have intrinsic value.

So this election, the most important soapbox that I could stand on (indeed, the only one worth standing on) is the one most under attack today and that is returning to the most fundamental, basic right every single one of us has- from Muslim, to Buddhist, Jew to American, 6 week fetus to 24 week fetus to newborn to the 90 year old elderly man and woman, just as dependent upon our society and loved ones as the 90 day old baby in the new mama's arms.

If we don't get this freedom correct, then we have no leg to stand on with any other.

obscure said...

Thank you for your thoughtful response and your explanation of your views. You are the first person I've tried to engage on this subject that has explained this Christian view on this vote, and I appreciate it. We'll make no progress if we can't hear our brothers and sisters speak.

The one point I'd like to make is that that I was not questioning whether you personally believe other religions have rights. I respect your desire to spread your truth. One of my objections to Trump is that he has incited hate against other religions.(which I would never suspect you of!) But I now understand that you have made a decision to support him despite his transgressions, not because you accept them. Not a decision I could make, but understanding each other matters. I am sure you feel the same about my vote.

On the matter of books/films on either candidate, they are always done with an agenda - truth doesn't lie there. Truth lies in proven action - and while I also agree that Hillary is not an ideal candidate, I have researched her political record, the facts, and she is actually a public servant in a way that Trump has never been. You may not agree with her, and she has certainly lied and obstructed and sinned, but she has dedicated her life to make things better for women and children, (as she defines better.) All each of us can do is try.

I pray for peace. Thank you again for your thoughtful discourse.

beth said...

just a note that i love it when your wonderful photos include a glimpse or two of you - - and as always, i appreciated the glimpse into your mind and heart via your eloquent prose. so glad you blog!
happiest autumn to you and yours ~
xo from b in va

Crystal Farinella said...

Thank you for a fresh perspective. I have been struggling with what I felt was My Christian brothers and sisters making me feel that Trump was a great example of a Christian. I know that he is not but I still must be. You made some excellent points and I feel refreshed that you see the same things that I see. I will continue to honor my husband, keep good care of my family, love my neighbor, and spread the Truth.

Feeling better all ready!

Anonymous said...

I am a christian, immigrant and a woman. I came to the USA for a "better life". Never has any president of either party scared me. I am afraid now, of what will happen to me or my family, of Mr. Trump's reckless speech and ways and consequences for the world. I am fearful in a way I was not. I am busy reading Revelation trying to make sense of this. I don't share your optimism Rebecca. Please pray that I am wrong and you are right. Or perhaps this is the way Revelation comes to pass. May God save us all.

kay said...

Anonymous - this is what I have feared all along. I am sorry you feel this way - I don't know where you live but Gov Cuomo in NY has vowed to protect all immigrants, and to defend human rights at all costs. I too hope Rebecca is right, but fear that we have sacrificed many for one issue. Peace to you