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Friday, November 30, 2018

The Month That Was: NOVEMBER

haircut time once again

November 17th dumped over a foot of snow on us.  It's been covered in white ever since.

helping make bread.  Or, by the looks of her chin, maybe just licking up flour.

Notice the tousled girl gets the the tousled doll and the perfectly coifed girl gets the perfectly coifed doll.  Perfectly suited.

When a neighbor shares homegrown leeks...you make leek soup

Andrew's first day out hunting, he came back with a nine-point!  

Pheasants in the flower circle!

The craft show that the girls set up over Black Friday was a fun (and freezing) experience.  Everyone made a few dollars for their efforts and they had a chance to hang with some of their favorite people in the world.  Success!

Everyone contributed something.  Corynn painted canvases and made stationary.  Adele made hair barrettes.  Friends brought knitwear, stationary, paintings, origami, jewelry, mittens, scarves and ornaments.  It was an ecclectic mix but I think their display came together nicely.

and here is the mansion barn where they set up.  It happened to be FREEZING (single digits for most of the first day) but boy was it GORGEOUS.  I wonder if Matt would ever build me a barn full of twinkle lights?  Hmmm, Mattie?

If you take time to look inside a half-frozen gallon of raw milk sometime...you may be surprised by the beauty you discover!

And that was November in a nutshell.  

The month disappeared- as all months are seeming to do this year.  Am I getting old?  Is time speeding up?  

I was having a morning brew of warm tea (Bengal Spice- one of my favorites!) when I had a little spark of an idea!  If you are someone who would appreciate a little surprise tucked in their mailbox this month-I know *I* am!- be sure to come back tomorrow to hear details and sign yourself up for some fun.  

It should be fun.  Even if only one other person signs up!  ;-)  


Rozy Lass said...

Wonderful memories!! (I think those are actually pheasants inside the flower circle.)

Terri Cheney said...

Lovely photos as usual. I so enjoy watching your children grow!

Rebecca said...

Ugh...rozy...do you know how many times my children have corrected me on that? It's ridiculous! Thanks for catching that...I'll fix it now!

Unknown said...

The little paintings are adorable! Is the Fox one still available?
Mrs. Bowen

Rebecca said...

It sure is! She is charging $10.00 per canvas with $3.00 shipping for anyone interested! If you would like to email her you can at sgrbear724 at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for the interest Mrs. Bowen. When she reads your comment, even if you never order a thing, she'll be so excited to hear someone other than Grandma's like her paintings! :-)

Mary P said...

Hi Rebecca. What a fun craft table! I’d love to buy the bunny painting from Corynn if it’s still available. My little Susie loves bunnies (or “hop, hops” as she calls them in her limited vocabulary) and if she happens to know how to paint owls? My Helen is in an owl phase ;-)

Mary P said...

Also, does Adele have any hair barrettes left that we could buy? With three young girls we can always use more barrettes ;-) I love that your children are learning to “create”, there’s something special about making things instead of just buying everything...

Full of Grace said...

Is the bird and the boy one still available? If yes, Auntie Beth would like to buy it from Corynn- Let me know :)

Rebecca said...

Most of the canvases sold but Corynn would be happy to paint bunny, bird, owl and fox canvases for you Mary, Elizabeth and Mrs. Bowen. She could get them done and shipped out by the end of the week. And Adele would be happy to whip up a few barrettes if you tell her a particular color you'd like her to make, Mary. She was charging $2.50 per set of 2.

You can email me at sgrbear724 AT yahoo DOT com with any specific instructions. I'll get the girls working! They will be thrilled!

Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging them in their endeavors!

Mary P said...

I emailed you. Let me know if for any reason you don’t get it -)