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Friday, May 23, 2008

Where a Kid can be a Kid

Check out the fluffernutter face on that boy o' mine. Fluff sandwiches mean only one thing.

It's a special day.

A special CHUCK E. CHEESE Day.

We got two coupons for 10 free tokens from buying drink boxes for the car (for our journey's Northward) and I decided today was the day to use them. Two Chuckie Cheese visits in ONE year....I am starting to love that place.

Free tokens. Free drinks ( we bring our own CEC cups). No pressure to buy anything. A day of fun. Going at 10 am ensures there aren't boatloads of children, so it is nice and quiet. An all around fun time.

By noontime, the place started filling up. Just before we left, I told the children they could dance a bit to the 'Live' (robotic) performance. They had quite the audience-and they were fun to watch too. Corynn has perfected the 'skirt bubbling' in her twirls.

And that is the extent of the photos taken during that time. For some reason, I never get good shots there. So I didn't waste my time....
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Dana said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Wish we had a CEC nearby. The girls would love it!

About not getting good photos in one of the rooms: you might try bumping up the ISO on your camera. You should be able to manually change it to a higher number, meaning you'd need less light to get the photo. If your camera automatically sets it to 100-400, you might try going up to 1000 or 1600. You might sacrifice a little "grain", but you should be able to get a fairly sharp photo. You could then adjust the color balance with Picasa. (I've noticed you use it too!)


Rebecca said...

For some reason, when I adjust ISO, the grain is just unbelievable. I guess I must have other settings wrong too because, while it does help, the grain is AWFUL.

Thanks for the tip, I've tried that trick lots and lots with still not very good luck. Practice, right?! ;-)