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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The present

Well, Papa kept his word. He said when Corynn was old enough to ask for ears pierced, then she could get them.

And then she was old enough to ask (beg, plead AND hope) and he wanted to take it all back.

But he didn't go back on his word. No sirree.

That was the gift that lit up the world of Little Miss this Christmas.

When I took her to get them done, I warned her it may hurt. Though she assured me "I don't care!" I waited for Miss Drama Queen to hoot and hollar when her ears were shot through-but she popped in her chair in surprise and then~ started laughing.

Crazy kid.

She loves them.

She loves too, that she picked them out herself-and picked her birthstone to boot. She never knew about birthstones.

PS. The dress that I thought would have to wait until 8??
Turns out, she's worn it so many times I think it will be worn through by the time it actually fits her well. It's her favorite-and you know that makes ME happy.

PS~ This is what Corynn did when I said "I want to take a picture of your dress. Act natural."

That's natural alright.
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Nanci said...


When I looked at the Little Miss' picture, even before I read one word, my first thought was, "Oh, there's that precious little jumper that Rebecca refurbished. She must have grown into it."

Well, I was half right... does that count?

Also, I know another Little Miss that must wait until she is eighteen before receiving such a present who will be pining away if she "gets wind" of these birthstones. Mums the word. LOL

Mrs. MK said...

This makes me smile!

I had to wait until I was 16, and I still flinched at the POP!

Grandma Bibby said...

She looks natural alright, just like her momma!! And the earrings are wonderful. She will take great care of them.

abigail said...

She looks so pleased! I know I said it before, but I am so impressed with how you transformed that dress. I don't wonder that it's her fsvorite!

abigail said...

It's MY fSavorite, too! ;)

Bonnie said...

Too Cute! Hooray Corynn for laughing in the face of pain!
BTW, I love her hair like that, I do Audrey's that way as often as she'll let me- they look like little bear ears!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, how sweet! Earrings are so pretty and lady-like. And her daddy is awesome for keeping his promise!