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Friday, January 02, 2009

Toy testing

An aunt who knows a thing or two about raising country children tucked some sleds under the tree. We rang in the New Year toy testing.

Corynn has a love for speed, methinks~ and just a tadbit of daredevil in her.

She only put up with Papa on the first run~ then she was off on her own.

And my did she love it.

Just look at that face!

But THESE two faces really say it all. She's got determination, this girl.

She's gonna fly.

(and not just on a sled)

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Mrs. Bonnie said...

What a fun day! We've not yet had quite enough snow for sledding, and snotty noses have kept the little 'uns housebound, but as soon as we Do get enough, I'm declaring a holiday and packing them off to go sledding at my parents. Lots of young aunts and uncles who will gladly wear them out, leaving Mama inside where its nice and warm, and free tange of high speed internet. (despite inquiries, WE are apparently to far out in the boonies for such high falutin' novelties. So I wait.)
Nice hat you made, I'm sorry about your machine- thats the one you were gifted by a reader, right?

abigail said...

HURRAH! I've told John that the FIRST present our girls will get when we move to the country are Torpedo sleds.

Your children will have hours and hours of fun on them, and the Little Miss should change her name to Little Speedster. You can tell she's having the time of her life!