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Friday, January 09, 2009

Too Good to be True

I got tired of looking at the government MUMBO JUMBO that graced my blog...so while I ought to be waking this little munchkin up to feed her, I am instead wasting time posting pictures of her.

She is a darling and a dear and, just happens to be the easiest baby in all the world. Brace yourselves, people...I have a confession to make:


Are you braced?

I hope so, because...

This little girl has been sleeping through the night since FOUR DAYS old. And by sleeping through the night I mean: from 9-6:30/7ish.

Yeah. You have a right to hate me. You do. You do.

My other two slept through the night by 3/4 weeks but, my goodness~ dreams really DO come true. At least with little Sleepallday Adele.

She has had approximately four days since birth that I would declare her "fussy" and ironically, it was always with company~ so maybe they have a different view. But, I can honestly say, she is the easy-peasiest, sweetest little gremlin I've ever had the pleasure to nuzzle.

PS. If you are not candied-out during this post-Christmas weighdown, by all means, head over to Kitchen Riches for some wonderful holiday goodies. Or~ wait until NEXT Christmas. They'll be there for ya.

Of course, there IS a recipe there if you are looking to use up some candycane stragglers.... just so you know.
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Anonymous said...

she is a dolll, oh my goodness....

and i finally went to your site for recipes and can i say WOW...very nice...i printed quite a few off....

I enjoy your blog very much...keep up the good work

Celina in Canada

Leah said...

Adele is adorable! I can't believe how soon your babies sleep through the night! But I'm really not jealous. :) I think I'd be paranoid all night long that something was wrong if my babies slept that long. Ha! I must say that Esther is my best sleeper so far, though. She sleeps for 3-4 hours and then is up every 2-3 hours after that.

Deborah said...

Oh she is darling!

We had one that never slept through the night until she was a little over two. We tried everything. She does sleep through the night now, but she has the most difficult time falling asleep. What a blessed Mama you are!

...they call me mommy... said...

How wonderful! An all night sleeper! :) Adorable pictures!

Bonnie said...

You're right, I hate you. ;0}
Not really, since Miss Rachel only wakes up once, somtimes twice to eat during the night. She's definately my most content (though VERY gassy)baby.

Andie said...

Yup, I hate you...can Adele have a little talk with Bethany...yup, my 4 1/2 year old??? She is up and down, in my bed, in her bed...all night long. It is seriously wearing me out! You are blessed! I am, too...just not blessed with sound sleep!
I'm sorry I haven't been around, I'll try to visit more often once things calm down over here!

abigail said...

Grr. I am SO ANGRY!!!

Not really.

(So why am I even commenting?)