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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GOOD things

It's been an eventful week. So much has been accomplished this past week, which is incredibly remarkable considering that half of the week was spent away from home attending funerals and services. One noteworthy thing that was NOT accomplished was...


That is the up side.

The downside is this: the bathroom door will no longer open because of the Mount Everest pile of clothing. I can hardly walk into my bedroom, too.
And this: My children had to wear the same church clothes to TWO funerals on TWO different days last week. While my sisters' children wore pristine, newly bought MATCHING outfits (*swoon*). Oh my. I am the embarassment of the family, I know. The runt and the reject, that's me.
And this: Adele has no more onesies, long sleeve shirts and only one pair of pants left clean. She has plenty of short sleeve dresses-if only the weather would warm up! Poor girl is soon going to have to be wrapped in swaddling clothes. AGAIN.

On to the actual ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

Matt finally got the stubborn tractor running. He bought it last year. Not running. And fixed it. And fixed it. And fixed it. But the stubborn thing never did start. Until this past weekend. A nice new spiffy coat of paint and Matt will be living it large with a real diesel powered tractor!


Hm. Matt (again...what?! Wasn't I productive this past week?!?!) also began another project for me this week: any guesses on what project THAT might be? (If anyone guesses right, it will be you Paula!)

But by far, the MOST noteworthy of all accomplishments is this:


It's actually a funny story. We fixed up our chicken house and were then asked by a family at church who had recently moved to be "chicken sitters" until they built a chicken coop at their NEW home.

SO, we get the beneficial task of starting our poultry raising with actual LAYING hens (instant gratification) and get some eggs WITHOUT buying the grain! We have some chicks coming in May-and then we will have our own herd? Gaggle? Family?

The children are SO loving it. In fact...do I still even HAVE children? The newest game is to gather the WARMEST egg. They practically PULL the things out of the chickens! hehe

It's a good life.


Miss Poppins said...

The word would be 'Flock'. ;) Good luck with your chicks. And your whole farm for that matter! =)

Faye said...


Mary said...

I'm so jealous. We found out we have to move from our 10 acre property right before finally getting around to ordering some chickens.
I'll have to keep buying organic eggs from my co op friend. 3.00 a dozen.
FYI, Wiki answers:
A group of chickens is called a flock, brood (of hens), clutch (of chicks), or peep (of chicks)

I'll keep reading to get some good pointers from your successful efforts.

Morning said...

There's very little as much fun as chickens. We love ours -- and the eggs are to-die-for.

Bonnie said...

I am jealous of your chickens (and was wondering how you had managed full grown ones)even if they are on loan. Someday. I may just sneak some home. Not that they would stay sneaked very long.

Is Andrew wearing mini Carharts?

And your children would look adorable and perfectly attired for any occasion in feed bags, so fear not for the double duty clothes. I hear ya on laundry- I have 4 baskets waiting to be folded, and another load to be washed, and those are just the kids clothes and blankets, I ran out of underwear Saturday (just kidding-kinda). Rachel has worn some intersting combo's on laundry day, when nothing is clean. And Audrey likes to come up with her own ensembles now too.Interesting. Off to go remedy that-

Bonnie said...

Oh, and I forgot to guess at Matt's project: Clothesline. Am I right?

Michelle said...

That's what I am thinking: clothesline! :D

Also, the chicken coop looks awesome now! Just doing the screen is big enough work (I can hardly look at the before photos without gagging!)

Matthew would lift up the poor chicken sitting on her eggs and take them right out from under her. He has no fear!

I will pray you don't get 5 roosters like we did. That was NOT fun. They attacked the children and everything. 4 out of the 5 ended up in the crockpot!

abigail said...

Wow. I thought it looked wonderful when we visited, but I had no idea. Now I think it looks fine enough for US to live in! Well done, you two. May those hens live long, prosper, and lay baskets of eggs for you while you have them.

(And I can't wait to see your potting shed take shape!)