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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing Up

I took this picture but wasn't prepared for what I found when I retrieved it from the camera. I took it because the girls had their arms around each other; at that moment, that is all I saw. Buw when I looked closer into this photo, and particularly at my Little Miss, I realized I had gotten a glimpse of what my dear girl is going to look like all growed up as a young lady. The truth is, she is well on her way.

One evening two weeks ago, I was fluttering about the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table when Adele' decided it was her dinnertime too. Too much was happening to stop and nurse her so I asked Corynn to hold her in the kitchen and sway with her, standing up. Standing UP holding the baby is a feat that had not been allowed up until that point. My, how she swelled with pride at being "big enough". The idea was that drastic times call for drastic measures, but in Corynn's mind, if she could do it once and she did it well, she ought to be able to do it again.

I s'pose she's on to something.

Thus the start of her standing up while holding the baby. Still, I feared her walking around with Adele' in case she tripped or something. But eventually, walking happened. At first it was just walking about the living room but slowly THAT evolved into everywhere, even on walks outside. She takes tremendous pride in holding her sister and now asks (incessantly, ugh) to hold her. All the time. Every moment. (Did I mention always?) At some point, I WOULD like to hold my own baby, you know!

She is a perfectly good little Mama, and as inconvenient as her constant requests can be, I wouldn't want it any other way. She shushes, bounces and soothes babies like even the most loving Mama, but now she gets a REAL doll to do it to.

And you know what? The REAL doll will shush for her, laugh at her, and appreciates her love. Adele' has even fallen fast asleep in her arms before!

Now. If only Adele' would do that for ME! ;-)
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Kalona said...

Those are the sweetest pictures!

Tracy said...

Ahhh... Autumn was 6 five days before Abigail was born. She had the best time taking care of her new Baby! And you know what? The love kept growing, and the next year, she would totally get Abigail dressed in her little snowsuit before we had to go anywhere. It's such a help to a busy mommy!

Jill from PA said...

What sweet children you have! My oldest daughter is 4 yrs older than her brother and 6 years older than her sister. She was such a big help I don't know what I would have done without her. She truly is a mother hen.

How was your baby's hearing test? I was praying for a miracle.


Bonnie said...

Too cute! I'm not sure about being that brave with Audrey and Rachel. While Audrey is tall (and has grown about an inch and a half since her birthday, not even 2 months ago) she is only 4, and has her mama's clumsies. And Rachel, for being such an itsy thing , has sprouted into a giant 16 lb. butter-baby.
Good job Miss Corynn! You keep helping your mama with your sweet baby. I helped with my sister when I was 6, and I know what a help it was to MY mama.
You are such a big girl blessing!

Rebecca said...

Jill~ the audiologist appointment was awash because of congestion-the machine wouldn't read. A followup appointment was made and then canceled for the same reason. One of these days I'll get her in, but I still can't guarantee answers since-after THREE tests, I haven't been given any!

Bonnie~ I always think of Corynn as 5 going on 15. Even still, I never ever would have allowed her to hold the baby and walk around at four. Even now, I am half cringing in anticipation of what could happen. :-)

Dianne said...

I loved your pictures and story!

My older two children, a son and a daughter, were 12 and 10 when my youngest, a son, was born. They were always holding him, playing with him, talking to him. It's no doubt the youngest (now 28) never met a stranger and is a born entertainer! All that love...

dr_bristow said...

Aww, what sweet sisters. Reminds me of when I was little and would carry my baby sister and brother all over the place (I was 4.5 when my sister was born and 7 when my brother was).

abigail said...

So sweet. I loved seeing her delight and pride on Sunday as she carried her around the gym.

Jerelene said...

How adorable! They remind me of my youngest two. Sarah, was 5 when Sammy was born..She told me she wished I would have had 2 babies, one for her and one for me..She was a little Mommy just like Corynn..What a blessing and such a joy!!