What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have three children. I have three children who were born with dark skin, black eyes, and heads full of black hair.

I have three children who put me through the trauma of having to assure nurses these were, in fact, my children.

Coincidentally, I have a stinker of a husband who enjoys nothing more than poking fun about the situation with raised eyebrows and feigned concern about the identity of the father. That man is insufferable.

As my babies grow into their skin, so to speak, I begin to see *slight* resemblances to me; they shed their dark wisps for light ones and they have the same wide nose that I always liked to think made me half-black. And of course, they begin at an early age to tower above their peers. That too, comes from me. But other than that, there just ain't a thing! The dark brown eyes my two eldest possess blind observers to the previously stated commonalities and no one can see what I WANT them to see. That my children at least look a LITTLE like me!

Miss Adele' on the other hand, has come quite close. The closest one yet.

Don't believe me? Let me show you...

Not brown eyes. Granted, I don't know WHAT color they are-but they aren't deep chocolate! SO, that should count even if they aren't BLUE, right? I thought so.

Slightly balding. Check.

Non existent eyebrows. Check.

Matching bags under the eyes.

Double chin.

Wide set nose (and eyes for that matter).

Naturally curled eyelashes.

Chubby cheeks.

And the MOST obvious resemblance? The quintessential, impossible-to-argue commonality?

We both spend most of our time sporting the very same, identical blank stare.


Jerelene said...

She definately looks like you!! Especially the eyes and nose. She is very pretty just like her mommy. My husbands family always went on and on how my kids looked like their daddy. Now that they're older. It's obvious they look like me too. They don't say it anymore. I think after we go through all the pain of birth, we deserve to hear that they look at least a little like us? She is beautiful and yes, she definately looks like you!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Jerelene

Bonnie said...

My stinker of a husband likes to do the same too.
You know, when I made Coryyns dolls, I gave the baby blue eyes, for that very reason- maybe you'll get one like you! Glad I stuck with my choice!

Grandma Bibby said...

She does seem to look more like you, but not in the double chin area. I didn't see one on you! She does resemble Corynn though. At least for the moment, I can see Corynn in her face. She is adorable and loved. That is what counts.

Kraesc said...

All of your children are just beautiful! And for that matter, I see a resemblence to you in different pictures you have shared. No matter what, you are beautiful and you have a beautiful family. I always get excited when I see that you've posted. I know I'll get to see some pics of your children!

Amy said...

I. Just. Love. Your. Blog.!!!!

Two of my children are blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but my middle one, she came out with a head full of black hair, caramel skin, and black eyes. Although it didn't stick, my husband ribbed me at the time, suggesting there was a Latino who had slipped in somewhere ;).

Anonymous said...

That baby is one very cute little girl. Yes, I can see some resemblance between you both. It's hard to believe that she is growing so fast. Your other two are just as cute as Adele, but then babies are just so cute!!! Besides, My first baby DD came with black hair, which she lost by six weeks and became blond. Her eyes were blue until 9 months of age. Now, she has medium brown hair with hazely eyes. Her brother came with light brown hair...and hazel eyes! I also have a strawberry blond girl, a redheaded boy, a dark brown haired boy, a sandy brown haired boy and a light brown haired girl! I'm thinking about maybe another redhaired... maybe a girl??!!! Isn't it so very wondrous what the good Lord sends us??!! I can bet that you love them all very dearly...it shows in their smiles. Have a great day hugging those babies.
Hugs, Aunt Bea

Nanci said...

If Adele ends up with her Mama's love for the Lord, kind heart, and winsome personality, then I'll says she's a "dead ringer" for you.

Love you.

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful Blog, Beautiful Children! I saw you on The Homeschool Lounge:) Catherine
Fam Blog Link-http://catherineanne5.blogspot.com/
Here is our HS blog link.

Kelli said...

Awww...she looks just like you! So beautiful!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, those eyes are blue, all right! There's no denying that little munchkin came from you, LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Boy can I relate, but you knew that already :) Those are wonderful pictures and it is exciting to see stark resemblances in the two of you :)

Tracy said...

I think she's a picture of Corynn, but I also think Corynn resembles you and Matt. She has your blond locks, and your smile.