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Monday, April 27, 2009

Show and Tell Day 1: Tozy PJ Pants

I promised to share some of my recent sewing projects with you before, and now is the time. I got a wee bit carried away the past few weeks and have accumulated a pretty good list of completed projects (at least for ME, the slow-as-molasses sewer); enough, in fact, to share a project a day the whole week! So~this week is going to be Sewing Show and Tell week here at Renaissance. Call it show and Tell. Call it Ode to a working Sewing Machine. Call it the prodigal machine. Whatever you call it, it's here.

If you have no desire to see stitching projects, come visit NEXT week. And if you want to share some of the projects YOU have been working on~leave me a link in the comments section: I'd LOVE to see!

My first sewing project started the day after I got my machine back. (I was a wee bit itchy to get that needle bobbing...) and Panda's PJ pants had all turned capri. Of course, they had cuffs on the bottom that would ride up and then his pants-turned-capri would turn into pants-turned-capri-turned-shorts after five minutes of walking around.

I guess he shot up there without my notice! He was in dire need.

This was about two weeks ago. Way back when it was cold and dreary and chilly and...brrrrr. Today it is going to reach 90 degrees. Don't ask me how that works.

Well, anyway, I decided to use what I had and found some cozy fleece to make his pants with.

I didn't use a pattern, just traced his own pants. Blonde moment: traced the pants that had turned capri length without adjusting for added length---HELLO! They needed to be longer! (Hence, the orange strip at the bottom! haha)

Coincidentally: this crazy gal just a couple days ago posted a pants tutorial that explains the process well. You know, for anyone who gets a hunkering to make some pants.

I added a bit of color to the back pockets with some random circly stitching. Maybe it was a way to somehow draw the orange fleece into the project a bit, or maybe I just wanted sew a bit crazy. Maybe a bit of both, but it adds something, anyway.

Andrew loves his pants and asks to wear them all the time. Even in 90 degree weather. He says they are "tozy".



Stefanie said...

Way cool. My first thought was how neat is the orange cuff, never even thought it was a happy accident til you said so. Can't wait to see your other sewing projects. Glad your machine is back!

Peggy in Alaska said...

I love his pants!! After seeing your fabric ball, I was inspired!! I mended one of my cloth shopping bags, and cut out two aprons. Now to pick-up seam binding while in town today so that they can be finished!! The ball gets made later on this week. If you have any ideas for something for two little girls who are about to be big sisters, I would appreciate any suggestions! They travel a lot (missionaries on deputation) so I'm trying to think of something they can take w/ them but won't take up much space. Little girl sized bags, maybe?

Bonnie said...

Cute pants! The yellow and orange makes me think of a duckling.
I have the darlingest P.J. pattern for boys (from the '50s!), and red vintage looking cowboy and indian flannel (bought long before I was even married) that will someday-once the basement is cleaned- be turned into pjs for the boy that loves here.

Kim said...

Love the little pants! I need to sew some for my little guy to. He's growing so fast.

Jerelene said...

That do look very cozy!! I bet he doestn't like having to take them off!! Blessings, Jerelene