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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 little weedwhackers

Last year, when I still thought we would be living in this home permanently, I created a perennial flower garden near the entrance of our driveway in celebration of finally putting down roots. (HA!)

I carefully laid down sheets of newspaper around each plant planted. I BOUGHT mulch (a first, EVER) for above the paper. I gathered rocks from the riverbed and encircled the entire bed and then spelled out an N with a heart, since I didn't have all that many plants to work with (but many plans of expanding.) It looked like this:

The very next day, our chickens scratched the mulch to high heaven hoping for a delicious meal, ripped the newspaper to shreds and left me first dazed, then positively livid for the rest of the summer. I still enjoyed the flowers that were produced, but the garden was a far-cry from the picturesque vision I had hoped for.

Fast forward to this spring. The bed was a sorry sight. The spring rains had worked wonders for the grass and weeds, which were drowning out the perennials. I actually had to rummage up the above photo just to tell what was "real" plants and what was...the bothersome kind.

Since I have no weedwacker (or the like) it was up to my digits, all ten of them. I knew I wanted to try the whole "weedless wonder" picturesque vision bit again this year, but knew I would have to get creative for the chickens' sakes.

The weeding took a day.

I laid down black garden "fabric" (bought that, a first!) carefully cutting away holes around flowers. I added a few extra lilies, given to me last year that had somehow survived the black garbage bag over-wintering they so thoughtlessly received. I finished this just before it began to rain. This was another day. (Hey. I am a mother.)

Finally, I hauled leftover gravel, wheelbarrel by wheelbarrel full and spread it around. (I figured the gravel would be heavy enough to deter chickens AND smush out weeds. cha----ching!) I hauled a few wagonloads of large rocks for the border too. Again.

The plants just look happier now, don't you think?

I will be looking out for a weedwhacker during yard sale season though.


Bonnie said...

Hey, that 3rd photo looks like my "cutting" bed right now....

It looks much happier now!

Mat. Emily said...

Looks great, Rebecca!

Hollace said...

I think I'd be looking for a chicken -whacker! Seriously, it looks as good as new, but what a lot of work you did!

MameyJane said...

You forgot to replace the "N" :) !!

...they call me mommy... said...

*sigh* Great job, Rebecca...the previous owners of our place did a lot of landscaping with wood chips and expensive plants etc...I have NOT been able to keep up with it...our whole yard needs work...I just try to do my best though and maybe in a different season of life I will have the gorgeous wild prairie gardens to roam and sit and drink tea in the twilight....(yeah right. dreaming. haha.) :)

It really looks wonderful!!! I feel grouchy at the house situation FOR YOU. ;)

Terri said...

You did a great job! I have a huge flower garden of perennials outside my kitchen door that the original owners of the house (we rent) planted. The problem is that I don't know a thing about flowers and other than the obvious ones, I'm afraid to weed it out because I don't want to pull up flowers. I'll think something is a weed and then all of the sudden it will be in full bloom.

Anyway, the flower bed looks great and gravel is a good idea to keep the chickens away.

Jennifer said...

I just typed you a big ol' long comment and then I believe it disapeared. So if you see two comments form me that is why :)

I just wanted to tell you that your flower bed looks so nice. We have been edging our flower beds with river rock too. It is a lot of work, but sure looks nice.

My brother does landscaping and he gave me a great suggestion for large river rock borders. He said when you lay the black ground cloth to extend it under the river rocks out about 9 inches. You then place the rocks on top of the ground cloth. The extra part in front of the rock you edge into the grass and then lay black bark chips on. This way no grass grows up between your rocks and you can also mow with one tire on the bark chips and that eliminates weedwhacking :).
We did this with our flower beds and I love the way it looks and it is pretty much maintainence free.

Here is a link to a post I did last year showing the flower bed border......