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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Twins, Individually

I knew the session was going to be good when I plopped the freshly stripped baby James on the blanket and he flashed me a smile. Since I always do my settings manually, it was miraculous that the exposure was set well enough for a split second snapshot.. I snapped the on button, then the shutter and that quick his smile was gone-but I CAUGHT it! yay!

At eight pounds, nearly twice his sisters' size, he looks like a MONSTER. But really, he is still teeny tiny. (At least for me)

I just *LOVE* this expression....

His Mama was concerned because he is usually so alert and squirmy-but he slept most of the time for me which is awesome for 5 weeks old!

I did love to see his beautiful eyes though too.

To say little sister Jessica is a pipsqueak would be an understatement. She is the teeniest baby I have ever seen. Which was hard to capture.

She somehow managed to have plentiful hair though! Look at that 'do!

Her little body just curled so easily, she let me pose her however I wanted.

But when she woke up, her intent little gaze was what did me in.


My props were baskets and blankets gathered from around the house.

My camera was my trusty digital Canon Rebel XT, which is not so trusty these days. I think I am wearing her out, but she didn't give me any lip during the shoot so I was VERY grateful.

I edit and convert photos to black and white using the free program Picasa.

The most USEFUL item (next to the camera) for the shoot~ a beanbag.

And finally, a picture of my "natural light studio":


MameyJane said...

Be still my heart. They are all breathtaking! My favorites are the ones with the boy sleeping in the feathery blanket (color) and the girl with the wildflowers. You have such an incredible talent! Thanks for letting us take a peek :).

Lee said...

That last shot is soooo sweet!! I also love the one of the baby ear. And I was wondering, until I got to the bottom, what you used as a light source. Your friend is awfully lucky to know someone like you to get these adorable pictures to keep forever!

...they call me mommy... said...

These are all soooo adorable! :) Just love the ones with the flowers...just love them all! :)

Full of Grace said...

I just could not stop gazing at the baby girl pictures, they were just too much for me..I said I was content without anymore babies, but those shots were enough to make anyone reconsider whether they could be content or not!!! they were GORGEOUS!

My favorite of James was the closeup of him sleeping on the brown blanket, Also GORGEOUS!!!

And the ones of mama and babies were amazing too..Rebecca, you really do excel at photography. So Beautiful, All of Them!!!

Terri said...

Beautiful photos - all of them! And the babies are just precious.

Dianne said...

I love ALL the shots! The mother of these beautiful twins must have been estatic with these pictures!