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Monday, September 20, 2010


Thanks so much for all the input on birth announcement survey. Looks to me like we are agreed. The green shot won out in the end, which is just the one I was leaning towards.


Because I stumbled across this four year old photo of Judah's lookalike, back when Andrew was my little Panda. awwww....memories. The likeness just tickled my fancy, even down to them holding their hands similarly. Sweet babies.

Andrew's birth announcement photo:

I was surprised by all the anti-cord feedback I got. Never in a million years would I have thought a cord would gross people out. Even my mother called to say YUCK. She even suggested I put a silver dollar or something over it---ha!

Honestly, since that little black plug is the only thing proving that my 3-month old sized child is indeed a newborn, I wanted it in the photo. It stays on for such a short time, I wanted to capture it while I could. The newborn essence.

But, on the other hand, it is good to know that it grosses some people out. Wouldn't want my birth announcement to illicit vomiting around the globe. :-)


Lots of things to share, but alas, school must be done. Egg dishes to wash. A fireman to oversee (the four year old kind). A baby to nurse. You know, things like that. If I get all my ducks in a row---you might see me twice today.

Here's hoping...


Nanci said...

I'm shocked at how much the boys look alike. (Yeah, I know they're brothers. Why should I be surprised that they look alike, Right?) Well, I just don't remember Andrew with the scowled up little nose. But then I really didn't know you that well, when Andrew was an actual "cord- carrying" newborn. (Wink). Honestly, other than Judah seems to have a fairer complexion than Andrew had, the pictures could pass for being ones of the same infant.

Both boys are definitely handsome, then and now.

Elisabeth LaMouria said...


Michelle G said...

I have the hardest time telling my kiddos apart in their baby pics. Funny how they look soooooooo much alike (not funny really because hey...same mom same dad..but....)
but they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO different acting (each of them!!)
Your babies are just too cute.
p.s. - I made sure to take pics of the babies when they still had their "bumbies" (what my daughter called umbellical cord bump when she was 3) because it was important to me to confirm that YES they WERE a part of me for so many months - not easy to let that go after just a short labor and delivery :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Love it! :D

Alisa said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! precious!!! cord and all!!!

Amy said...

I love the picture you chose! The soft green is very nice,and while I like the popping aqua and red, the green blends nicer. And while I personally don't mind the cord (seen enough newborns to not really care anymore...) but I can see how some people might not care for it as much. ;-)

Terry@quilt-nut said...

Love the picture you chose. Our grandson is now 2 months old. I watched her pregnancy progress at the same time as yours. I have a question. She is a first time Mom and breastfeeding. I know you probably have a lot of experience with that. It has been a long time since I breastfed mine and was wondering if you have any advice. The problem seems to be that the baby is not latching on well. Sometimes he is very whiney after a feeding and it seems like he is still hungry. My daughter has a delay in her letdowns, like sometimes 3-5 minutes, and the baby is just not patient. Then when he is sucking he is not latched on well. We think that if he was latched on good then the letdown would be better. Any advice on how to get him to latch on better. He doesn't want to open his mouth wide enough or something. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Terry

Rebecca said...

Terry~ does your daughter have a breastpump? Seems like if she started pumping a minute or two before she feeds him she can get the milk to let down before he latches on and he will be more interested then. Likely, once he makes the connection that milk IS there a few times, she won't have to pump anymore but right now he isn't associating her breast with milk and getting frustrated.

Something that I do is to casually hold my nipple between my middle and pointer finger. Your middle knuckle can pull down on his chin while you position the nipple in his (now opened) mouth and your thumb can hold your shirt down around the mouth. I discovered this secret with my first and people have always commented on how discreetly I can nurse because of it. You are helping to position things and open stubborn mouths while still being discreet.

I do hope that helps a wee bit. I think pumping may be the answer she is looking for-prepping the milk letdown. If she doesn't have a pump, it is a worthwhile investment!

Congratulations on your new grandson!

Terry@quilt-nut said...

Thank you Rebecca for the advice. I will pass this along to her and see if it helps.