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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A few outtakes from the other days' little photoshoot. A real photographer wouldn't show outtakes, and would certainly NEVER show outtakes before the nicer shots. But that's me, ever swimming against the tide.

Keeping it real, as it were.

From my last post, sounds like people like "real" but if ever I get TOO real, you will let me know, won't you? :-)

These shots crack me up.

First there is the Baby Washington shots~ all I can see is a boy wearing a wig. It isn't a wig, mind you, but knowing that doesn't change anything at all. It is actually a baby cocoon type-thingy. Similar to this one:

Obviously, this one is way too big. Which says a lot considering my boy was half grown upon arrival. Maybe someday I will have some more twins to photograph, but in the meantime I think this wrap will have to be shelved. Pity, too. I liked that yarn. (I bought two skeins of it at a yard sale for .10!)

Then there are the inevitable body functions of a newborn:

...and worst yet: any mother knows what a face like this means~

~and trust me, it ain't a pretty sight to a photographer worried about the white furry blanket snuggling against that naked bum.

And then there are photos like this, that lend themselves perfectly to games.

QUICK! How many chins can you count?!?

How many chins does one boy need?!? He takes after his Mama.

Finally~ for those back in the days of Foto Friday who would say how much they liked "behind the scenes" shots: This one is for you:

The lighting was horrible because it was too cold outside to be naked (rats) and the only sunny-ENOUGH window was TOO sunny (creating harsh shadows and light) so the only "good lighting" shots were taken when the sun momentarily slipped behind a cloud. Not too bad a deal when the weather is 98 degrees and comfy to be naked in. Quite a different story on a 70 degree day.

Judah was a very good sport.

The very professional setup is a fabric remnant on top of a beanbag on top of my vanity, next to my bedroom window.


Bonnie said...

Chuckle Chuckle! I would Love to do neckid pictures of Jeremiah, but he screams when not fully clothed.
I like behind the scenes, and your set up? Totally professional ;0>

Nanci said...

Didn't you think the cocoons looked soooooooooo small when we worked on them. I always misjudge just how small newborns can be (even the ones like Judah that are considered the big guys).

Tracy said...

I like the yawn picture. It's precious!

Wendy said...

He sure looks delicious!

Full of Grace said...

Most of them don't look like outtakes to me, but I guess that's why I'm not the photographer of the family! Can't wait to see the keeper shots!

Dee said...

Oh these are keepers all in their own right! SO adorable!!!

Thanks for the "behind the scenes" shot too. Makes me feel better about some of my setups now. :)

Take care!