What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, September 10, 2010


Internet! My long lost friend.

Sorry I abandoned you this week.

It wasn't because I was resting. Or sleeping. Or taking it easy after pushing out a nearly-11 pounder.

It was because I have been living in bliss for the last week with Matt home from workie work. I have followed the man around like a little lost puppy dog. And when I haven't been following him around like a puppy dog~ I have been suffocating my wee-ling with Mama kisses. Or sniffing his neck. Or rubbing his nuzzle-soft head. (It is addicting, I tell ya.)

I just can't bring myself to get on the computer when there is baby kisses and husband stalking on the agenda. (as it should be.)

But alas. Today is Friday. The week is spent and I am getting teary-eyed just at the THOUGHT of Matt going back to work. waaaaaaaaaaaaah. Too bad you can't retire during the child-rearing years and work through retirement. Wouldn't THAT be grand? For EVERYONE involved???

It's been a busy week, worthy of a recap:

Smooch is a darling angel boy. I find it hilarious that every picture I take of him makes him look like he is either scowling or howling, when in fact I think he has cried about 5 times since birth. It must be that crazy brow of his, that just can't beat gravity or something. The boy is the most contented little thing there is.

It's hard to get my hands on the little guy too, with so many people vying for his attentions.

This girl is the worst of all. She would be content to hold him all day long, if I let her. ( And no-it isn't a bad thing. It is a great thing.)

Andrew doesn't ask as often, but when he does, he is perfectly content to sit for long periods of time with his little brother. And he almost always plays with Judah's hand. His is a very manly form of affection, very much like his father.

The hardest part about having four children? Keeping the fourth one alive.

Adele is well-meaning and affectionate to Smooch, even when she is climbing on top of him to give him a kiss, or shoving a finger in his eye to tell me excitedly that they are open, or bruising his softspots in order to rub his soft little head. (BTW~he totally WAS NOT crying in the above picture. Crazy, huh?)

And I can tell you this also: it is NO fun to have two in diapers. Adele's school syllabus this year? Toilet training. STAT.


Speaking of school syllabuses. Since Matt took the week off, so did we (or rather, never started) so Monday is our first day of official school. And boy do I have A.LoT. to do before then. YIKES.


I have lost 22 pounds since last Thursday. Eating candycorn and icecream. That is always nice. But since I gained about 50 some pounds, that isn't all that impressive. Unfortunately, I have about 36 pounds to go. This is the curse of gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy-which I always do. You lose a lot at once, but then...THEN, you still have a long way to go. I'll start dealing with THAT on Monday too. ;-)


We celebrated a Little Miss birthday several days late~ and with a boughten cake. (The first time ever.) Little Miss Corynn was (thankfully) fine with putting off the per-requested cow and flower garden cake I would decorate when she was given the opportunity to pick out her own cake from the grocery store.

We dove right in excitedly, but her face after about three bites was enough to have Matt and I rolling. Storecakes LOOK pretty, but aren't exactly...ummm.....good. Are they??
Corynn was HAPPY to give the entire cake away with only four pieces missing.


In our house, wishes can come true, even if they are "told". She wished to be a princess. Doens't she know she already IS?


It took just a few days for the caught-up laundry and garden produce to get all mountainous and over-bearing again. And yes, I *am* standing on the counter. I am the Mama, it is my prerogative.

So I have been dealing with these. This time, in the form of pizza sauce.

And a few batches of jalapeno/hot pepper jelly.

What am I MOST proud of growing this year? These beauties:

These bell peppers are some real beauties. Huge and vibrant. What is all the more amazing is that I have never before successfully grown a pepper that looks like from the shelves of Wegmans. They have always been teeny and thin skinned and (did I mention teeny?) But I did THIS year! YAY. I think the key is to first give up on them and then ignore them. I think bell peppers are just shy during the "awkward" years-er, weeks.

All this canning talk just made me realize: I haven't updated my "Putting Up" sidebar list since I deleted last years' docket! eek! Better do that one of these days~

And THAT reminds me of this~a project! Made just for ME. No-I don't get flowers, but projects are pretty nice surprises too, if you ask me. Matt has been working on this throughout the week...amid (and despite) the hoverings of all his littles and wife who love him so dearly. I wonder what it IS?!?!? ;-)


By the way~ when did I give permission for the weather to turn cold? I didn't. It has foiled all great expectations and plans for naked newborn shots. Our house is cold. Totally. not. cool. Hope it warms up a bit. Just for a day?! Pretty please?!?

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